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    Lumia pre-orders off to a good start


      Apparently no one wants Windows Phones For much of the afternoon, the black Lumia 900 was the best selling AT&T phone on Amazon, followed in second place by the cyan Lumia 900. Only recently has a Samsung Android something taken over first place. At one point, the black 900 was the 5th best selling phone on Amazon, regardless of carrier, with cyan at 6th...I think the black is now 6th and cyan is like 10th.


      My mom looks like she'll be dropping Verizon for AT&T to get a Lumia 900 as her first smartphone. This was after wanting an iPhone and then an Android based off of her friends having them. Being the one she calls for her IT needs, I told her I think a Windows Phone makes the most sense because she'll learn Metro now and then know how to use it whenever she gets her next computer (unless her relatively new one dies in ~6 months).


      I was surprised when the salesperson at AT&T told us yesterday if she gets the $20 texting plan she'll also be able to make or receive calls to any other mobile number, regardless of carrier, without counting against her minutes. The 900 is a very pretty piece of innovation.

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          I'm going to jump on the bandwagon once the Good for Enterprise support for Windows Phone is officially rolled out.  Supposed to be this month, hopefully in conjunction w/ the official Lumia launch. 

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            If Verion isn't going to have the new Nokia Lumia 900, I'm going to change to A&TT. Seriously guys, it's one of the best smartphone of the year and i hope it's going to be available soon for Verizon, it's not, GOOD BYE VERIZON.

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              just a hunch....but were all of the other models it was temporarily beating in sales at least a few months old? typically, the newest device will sell the fastest for a short time. what i mean is that i would guess that any make, model or OS device would outsell it's competition when it's brand new and they are months old.

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                That's At&t's 4GLTE Flagship phone that hasn't even been released with them yet Supposed to Go out on the 8th of Apr. The same Day At&t is set to Launch it's L.T.E in a Few Cities. If were on Nokia's Radar for this phone it will be about 6 months as i said it's at&t's Flagship phone for L.T.E.. So i don't look to see it on here soon but anything can Change!!  

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                  I left verizon for the galaxy note!

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                    It was the top selling phone at Amazon for most of the first couple days it was released (and with virtually no promotions). Top selling meaning exactly that... nothing higher. If Amazon carries it and it is an AT&T phone, the Lumia 900 sold more. Last I knew, it fell behind a little bit, but all things considered, there still hasn't really been any promoting... the people at AT&T stores had Lumia spec cheat sheets around their necks when I was there on Saturday last week. I think they'll have a hit on their hands


                    I also read on another forum that Launcher 7 for Android has been installed over 1 million times and given 5 stars (I don't know if that's the average rating or something else). If you don't know what Launcher 7 is, it literally makes your Android look almost dead on like a Windows Phone... that's gotta be a pretty good sign, too!

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                      it is highly rated, but all of the decent launchers get 4.5 stars (which is what it has). it has already been installed on over a million devices though.....so there are definitely some android users that are making their phone look like windows. i have nothing against wp7 and would actually like to see it become successful. i just wish people on this forum understood that it is still a TINY share of the market and verizon simply won't gamble again on such a small share. they got burnt by the last winmo (or whatever it was called) and they couldn't pay people to take the hp palms out of their inventory. they offered early upgrades and GAVE you the palm with FREE unlimited tethering and they were still stuck with inventory. they'll eventually have more windows phones, but i can't blame them for waiting until they can sell more than just a few thousand of the units.

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                        I agree with you. Windows Phone does have a small market share. On the other hand, what came first...the marketshare or the carrier? One of the two biggest carrier isn't carrying phones, but the marketshare is supposed to grow? If Verizon at least started moving people to GSM, they might have an argument. Two points I want to make:


                        1) The typical person either goes in to a Verizon store knowing nothing about their choices and rely on the salesmen or are easily swayed by salespeople that are uneducated. I think anyone and everyone will tell you that, unless you're dealing with that "needle in the hay stack" honest salesman that isn't going to sell you the flavor of the week NOR on their own opinions, you walk out with what they, Verizon, wants you to walk out with. If they can't even keep one Trophy in stock plus one for display, Verizon has essentially said we don't want people using this phone on our network. That's why people on this forum are so upset. It's not like webOS that was abandoned by its creator.


                        This brings me to two...


                        2) Even if Verizon doesn't want to sell the Trophy and/or a second generation model in store, why not online? True, the Trophy is available online, but it is now $139 or something. At EVERY other carrier there is an option for under $100. AT&T and T-Mobile both have a few options for $99 or less...even less than $49. You can't tell me it costs too much to support the OS... the support people just read a flow-chart to troubleshoot. Give that to any person that can read and follow directions, the phone either gets fixed or needs to be replaced.


                        You can't tell me that Verizon / Nokia can't work something out so instead of shipping 100,000's of units, they start with a smaller amount. Verizon gets to keep the hundreds/thousands of people that are leaving specifically for the Lumia 900 for any number of reasons. I don't think the majority of people leave if there is a gen 2 device available to them at Verizon. Microsoft and Nokia/HTC/Samsung get another phone in someones hands that will show that off to their friends for the best form of marketing. I at least would be willing to wait a week or two for the phone to get shipped from vendor to Verizon to me. That takes the pressure off Verizon with a Kin or Palm.


                        And as far as updates go, I don't hear people that get unlocked/unbranded phones ever have issues with not getting updates. Actually, I hear the opposite. Instead of slowing the process or putting some kind of a speed bump in the process, let the vendor firmware and operating system updates that get released go straight to the user as if it was an unbranded phone. Someone that bought the Trophy when it came out and wants to stay with Verizon AND Windows Phone literally has no other option other than wait. I guess this doesn't hurt Verizon, but said customer is no longer locked in for 2 years. Verizon makes WAY more money off contracts than they do off phones... actually, they lose money on the phones regardless (unless it's bought off contract).

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                          but aren't trophy users still in their 2 year contracts? isn't that phone only a year old (i really don't know)? if it's less than 2 years old, then none of these trophy users are eligible for new devices yet anyway.


                          also, if the following article has any validity (and i really don't know if it does) then i could see why they are hesitant to get a couple hundred thousand units shipped to them.




                          like i said, i don't know if the story is accurate, because microsoft and the carriers aren't very forthcoming with real numbers of activations. if MS did ship a couple million units though, and they aren't actually sold, then i'd be hesitant to take on a lot of inventorey as well. and inventory is about volume. they simply can't get a manufacturer to only make a handful of units to see if they will sell. to make it at all cost effective, you have to order in mass bulk.


                          like i said before, i'd love to see WP devices grow. more competition is always a good thing. i just think verizon will let at&t figure out just how much money and effort they should put into this. if it takes off and market share increases and at&t shows large sales, then i guarantee they'll add more to the lineup. but for now, they have their windows customers in contract for a while so they can let at&t figure out for them if it will be profitable or not. as much as it stinks, the fact is that they don't care if a few customers leave over this. a lot more customers left for the iphone a few years ago and customers leave all the time for other android models. they sell their network. they've never really sold the latest and greatest devices. we got the tbolt a year after sprint got the EVO (basically the same phone). we didn't get the galaxySII (but then got the nexuse, later). we had nothing comparable to the atrix for a long time. it's always seemed to me that other carriers seem to get superior devices earlier than verizon, but they don't seem to mind, and have done pretty well with that business model.

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