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    Screen is going berzerk


      So, this started yesterday. I went to text, slid out my keyboard, and my screen flickered, then went to black. Since, it has done it several times, and has done some other random things, like when i turn my phone on, it scrolls on it's own, when it's on home screen. What is up with this? can someone from verizon please take the time out to look into this problem? I have seen several others experiencing these issues, and hence no one has taken time out to run through and look into it so far. I would really appreciate it, if someone would look into it. I would really rather not buy a new phone. Begging you!!!

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          do you have any dumb apps like battery managers/advance task killer/ watchdog?


          those might be the problem, if not i would suggest doing a reset

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            I had this same issue. I put up with it for awhile but it got worse. Eventually, it started making a knocking sound. It was really bizarre. It was using the screen keyboard on it's own. I reported this and asked them to look into it just like you. There must be other customers that had the same problem. They finall replaced my phone. But not till I was stuck in traffic on Christmas Day and unable to let my family know where I was. And it was the camera I relied on to get a picture of my sons grave but the phone wouldn't work. What a disaster.

            Just make them replace it.

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              i am having a simuler problem it just started, new verizon customer w/a HTC Rhyme ( droid) 10 munites ago i went to vidio galery, hit one, hit play-taped screen for settings, hit MORE, SOUND INHANSEMENTS,TRYING  EXPLORING EACH       SOUND ENHANCEMENT OPTION I BELIEVE IT WAS THE TOP OF THREE OPTIONS ???  my phone screen just started rolling like an old tv ??? sorry bout the caps. any ideas??? if so, please help

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                hi, i replied to the person w/the buzerk phone that you commned on, i am two comments below you. terrylucas. if you would please check out my comment/issue about my screen rolling and where i t happened. you mentioned resetting a phone, do you know an alternativemethod from settings as i have no access. can not even call customer srvc 2 nite. would you be so kind as to read my comment and let me know if you have any bright ideas:i'd even go to FACTORY reset   if i have to or even CAN???   hope to hear from you commonsense101, Mahallo, and lots of ALOHA, TERRY LUCAS

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                  As of about 3 weeks ago, my phone turns itself on, makes phone calls!  The first call I know of was to my house phone.  I was alone in the house and the Droid 2 Global phoned the house from the other room.  Today it called a friend twice.  At least it has waited until 8 am!  It is always typing things to itself in "no known language."  Help!

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                    Is your phone plugged in to a non Verizon charger when this is happening?  If so, this is actually fairly common.  There's something about Verizon chargers/USB cables that seems to prevent this from happening but a lot of times, when using a non Verizon charger/cable, the phone will just do random button presses or screen clicks.  It's odd.  I think someone had mentioned it was a bad digitizer or something. 


                    Anyway, if that's not the case, I would definitely take it to a store and show them or, if the problem is intermittent, keep a video camera (or equivalent) around and try and tape it so you can show Verizon what you're seeing. 


                    Hopefully, it's not possessed . . .

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                      Thanks for your quick response.  When it has made those two phone calls--possibly another one, yes, it was plugged into a non-verizon charger.  However, it has been doing its strange "ghost typing on the screen" at other times, also.  At least the ghost does not write in English, or who knows what the parties on the other end might think of me!


                      Any suggestions on taking pictures of the screen?  I guess I need to turn down the brightness, which the ghost has changed to full brightness.  Maybe I can take pictures, then.  I have tried. 


                      All of my problems started only about 3 weeks ago.  I have had the phone two years.  I have been using the same charger longer than 3 weeks, also. 

                      One thing I have noticed is that it often has something ready for me to purchase if I just happen to pick it up and hit the lower portion of the screen--it is focused on the "purchase this" button for some app it wants me to buy!  (usually LookoutPremium). 

                      I'll keep track.  Thanks!


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                        Oh, yes, it has changed by background, changes to vibrate rather than my ring tone--driving me crazy!  One change that was good that only changed a week or so ago--so not the update in December--was the way I can close individual update notifications--a big red minus sign on right side.  Also, it is MUCH easier to save a picture I have received as a text message attachment.  It used to be very frustrating, but just this past two weeks it has been very easy.  Whatever made those changes also brought the ghost, and it has been only a couple of weeks--not several months. 

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                          I won't lie, that definitely leans towards having some form of malware on your phone, maybe a bad app with too many permissions.  I would consider removing any unwanted apps on your phone in case one of them is causing the issue. 


                          Regarding the frequency of this issue, does it happen as soon as you plug it in or is it something you only observe occasionally?  If it happens right away, you might be better off removing an app and plugging it in to see if the issue is still there.  If it's not, that app was likely the issue.  If it is, try deleting another app. 


                          If it's something you only catch occasionally, you might be better off looking into backing up your data and doing a full system reset (to ensure any malware is gone).  If you want to preliminarily check first, you can download a malware detection program like Lookout Mobile Security . . . wait, I just reread your message.  It's trying to get you to buy Lookout premium?  That sounds like a virus that was created BY Lookout and then trying to sell you their malware protection. That's really, odd.  Hmm, that's concerning.  Do you have lookout mobile security already installed on your phone?

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