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        Well, it looks like my plans had to change because I did in fact run into this problem.  I went to one Verizon store and called two others and was told that most stores in the area are sold out of the Razr Maxx, so I had to order the phone.  It is supposed to be overnighted to me, and I should be receiving it through FedEx tomorrow.  I am actually kind of disappointed about this, not because I don't have the phone in my hands right now, but because Verizon knew that this may be a problem two weeks ago when I was in the store and they never suggested that I order the phone early so that I could have the phone on my upgrade date.  I think this is poor customer service, and if they really cared about their customers they would have acknowledged that problem, put aside their egos, and let me order the phone early so that by the time the backorder was done it would be April 4th and I would have my phone!

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          Yup that's what i thought would happen an when you get your (Box Cookies just joking a little!) remember to read my post or if have already Dismounting the Sim is easy if you have a X-Acto knife with a No.11 blade you just pierce the tabs with light pressure an then you lift the holder up away from it. Then grab the Sim Card by it's Edges an with the Gold side Up an the Flap Door down insert the Sim in your Maxx an if you don't have a Sim tool to push the Sim all the way into the Maxx you can make one.


          Get some Round tooth picks at your Local Grocery an take the Tooth Pick an Cut it with a Razr Blade or your X-acto  Knife to wear it has a flat Blunt Face on both ends then you can use it as a Sim Card Push tool this helps to the Fully insert the Sim all the way into the Razr. You will fill it Lock as has a Spring Mechanism to keep the Card from falling out of the Phone. Other than Just Have Fun with it B33

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            I had to reschedule the Android: Getting Started workshop, and I rescheduled it for tomorrow, so hopefully I will have my phone in time to attend the workshop--otherwise, I will have to reschedule it again.  I think I will just take the phone and the SIM card right over to Verizon for the workshop and have them install the SIM card.  Thanks for the SIM card installation instructions!

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              Good Deal:  Just make sure when the Rep installs the Card He or she Does not touch the Gold area of the Card when it's Taken out of the Holder.. And have fun at the Class..


              FedEx Deliveries Usually for Residential is in the Afternoon:  My Maxx Arrived Around 3pm the Day i got it.. 

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                I just talked to FedEx because I can't get any tracking information on the phone:  They told me the phone is out on the van for delivery and should be delivered sometime before 3, but could be delivered earlier.  We got a delivery yesterday from FedEx and it came between 12-1, so I'm hopeful my phone will come around that time also.  The workshop I scheduled is from 3:30-5, so I would rather not have to take the phone right off the porch and get in the car to go to the workshop.

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                  The amazing Capabilities of this phone is Endless i an watching the Masters Golf Tournament write now an it is Amazing the Video playback on the Maxx Far exceed any thing i have ever had previous in my phones. An phones out there right Now when you Maxx Download this App  Masters from the Play store then watch the live Video an see how Good it is.


                  Just to let you Know i am watching this With my Wi-Fi to get the Very best Video Play back. 4G might do the same.. 3G is not to good at it.. B33 

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                    Watching it on 4G -- incredible !!   Gets some intermittent artifacts / pixelation - but all in all, very good.  Thanks for the info B33 !

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                      Cody i am actually watching it Via my Wi-Fi. Sorry i didn't say that in my Post but Cody i am so excited right now i can hardly keep my Emotions Down & type this out i want jump up n down this is so Incredible.. 

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                        B33, it's a little after 2 here in my area (southeastern PA) and I still don't have my phone yet.  I have been very anxiously waiting for my phone all day, and at this point I'm feeling like my phone will probably get here right at 3 or maybe later since I have been waiting for it all day.  I hope the phone gets here in time for me to go to the workshop, but if it doesn't I'll reschedule the workshop for another day and then just spend the time setting the phone up, maybe go to the Verizon store anyway and have them transfer everything over from my old phone to the new one. 

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                          Yea i know what your going threw you wait you wait you here a truck not the right one then wait an want to pull your here an then you read post like mine an that makes it even worse to wait.  but it will get there to ya.. an when it Does Calm Down an open the box real slowly take out each piece one at a time an read threw it carefully. An if you don't make it to that Class hey don't worry about it. Costumer service can Walk you threw the Programming it. if needs be!