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    LG Comos 2 (vn251) disable data radio


      Is there a way to disable the data radio on the LG Comos 2 (vn251)? There is a data block on the account already but the phone keeps trying to connect even on the home screen. Due to it trying to connect all the time the battery drains quickly.



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          Hello jkasten,


          The LG Cosmos 2 is a great messaging device with a very comfortable keyboard. This is a device that will deliver all of your basic wireless lifestyle needs in the palm of your hands. Since this is a feature phone, it does not have the ability to turn off data access natively. May I ask how long have you had the battery? Are you using the original battery that came with the device? How long have you had the device? The battery's age may play a significant role in how long a single charge last. Below are a few recommendation on preserving battery life.


          • Turn off bluetooth when not in use.
          • Verify signal strength on the device. (while idle and in use)
          • Used OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer) accessories.
          • Do not store device in direct sunlight or hot location.
          • Confirm that there isn't any physical or liquid damage on the battery or the device.


          If you are still experiencing battery issues then please reply to this message with your findings.


          Thank you...



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            I got the phone the in February and it is the original battery that came with it.


            • Don't use bluetooth and it is always off.
            • Almost always has 3 to 4 bars of signal. (The left and right arrows are also showing about half the time saying it is using data.)
            • Always use the original charger and cable.
            • I do not leave it sitting in the sun light.
            • No damage to the device and even have case for it.


            Still having battery issues, the phone's battery will only last about 2 to 3 days with almost no talk time or other usage. It was lasting almost a week with the same usage before I doing a factory reset. (I did the reset after I was instructed by Verizon phone support it was the only way to keep back-up assistant as it was popping up everyday.) After the reset the daily scoop keep popping up with ads so went into the app the disable it. Is there anyway to delete it and Bing? Some apps I can delete but I do not get the option on these.


            Also do you know where I can see the release notes for the v3 update? Just got an update for my phone yesterday from vn251zv2 to vn251zv3 and was wondering what issues it fixed or what it changed.



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              Another LG phone that was released around the time of your phone is the Cosmos Touch.


              Daily Scoop on the Cosmos Touch was causing similar problems for owners.


              On page one of this link (below), the replies from SuzyQ and from this forum's moderators might be applicable to the Daily Scoop app on your phone. Maybe there might be additional worthwhile information in the rest of the pages of discussion at that link.


              "LG Cosmos Touch - Help Remove Daily Scoop, Please!!"




              In regards to information about the new software update, you might try asking at LG's forum:



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                Thanks MojavaMoon_ good read, I did find those instructions before:

                In Daily Scoop: Menu → Options → Verizon Msgs → On/Off

                In Daily Scoop: Menu → Options → Bonus Msgs → On/Off


                When I followed them it seemed to work to stop the messages I was getting randomly but thinking it might be still trying to connect to their servers. I didn't notice the screen turning on like the users of the LG Comos Touch but can't say for sure it isn't.


                I also read somewhere that Messges->Settings->Multimedia Auto Receive->Off might help but it did not.

                Anything else I can try?

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                  Hi, yes, I have two more suggestions.




                  "You may also choose to suspend your [Daily Scoop] account by contacting vzdailyscoopsupport@mobileposse.com"




                  (2) We own a non-smartphone the Casio Ravine 2 which was launched around last December. The steps to delete the Daily Scoop app from the Ravine 2 are different than the steps posted on Verizon's website. As best as we can tell that app is 100% removed from the phone. Hopefully either our steps or Verizon's steps might work [I re-read your posts and don't think i saw that you'd tried either set of steps; I apologize if you have tried them].


                  Here are the steps we followed to delete it:

                  - menu

                  - media center

                  - apps

                  - select "options" with the upper-right key

                  - select "delete"



                  And here are the steps posted by Verizon:





                  "You can delete the application from your phone entirely:

                      Main Menu → GET IT NOW menu → Tools on the Go → Description: http://www.vzdailyscoop.com/dsicon.png Daily Scoop → Options → Delete/Cancel


                      Main Menu → Media Center menu → Browse & Download → Description: http://www.vzdailyscoop.com/dsicon.png Daily Scoop → Options → Erase"