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    Filing a complaint


      I will be filing a complaint with Consumer Affairs, small claims court, BBB and the FTC against Verizon Wireless.


      The issue:

      I have the transcript (sent to me from Verizon) of a "conversation" I had with a Verizon customer service rep. via their on-line chat feature.  I was told by the rep. that she could

      lower the early termination fee to $35 on a phone line I was going to cancel while ordering another phone and adding a different line.  However, when I called to cancel that phone line, I was told the termination fee would be $140.


      From actual transcript:

      <Chat transcript deleted per the TOS>




      According to the "supervisor", I should have known that their employees are not able to lower the termination fee and I should have know the representative used the word "termination" when she really meant "activation".


      Since they have such "wonderful" customer service, I was given the option to mail the new phone I purchased when opening another line (to replace the one I want to cancel) back to them the very next day.  I forgot to mention, the conversation with this "supervisor" was at 8:15 p.m and I explained that the phone was in Florida with my daughter on Spring Break and did not have access to it.  The answer...the package does not have to be delivered to us by tomorrow just post marked with tomorrow's date, so, apparently I am fly to Florida to get her phone, fly back home (in Kentucky), take off work and run to the post office first thing in the morning. 


      The only reason the new phone was purchased and a new line opened was because I was led to believe I would not be charged the ridiculous $140 cancellation fee but on $35.  Apparently, Verizon does not honor anything they put in writing.


      Please let me know if anyone else has had this issue.  I will be filing my complaints Wed., April 4, 2012 (to allow time for others to reply) and will gladly include other examples of their deplorable behavior.


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          let me know how to file these complaints. I am having similar issues with "supervisor" overriding promises made by service reps. This appears to be a widespread system problem.

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            I was lied to by a Verizon person at the store, who told me that mobile hotspot was included in the price of the plan, when my wife and I were upgrading to smartphones. Turns out it's an extra $20 per month. LIED to me.

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              I would like to complain about a product and the service we have received related to that product.  I gave my daugther a samsung stratosphere for Christmas.  She has already sent two phones back and had to go in today to send a third back.  She tole the suctomer sservice rep she would like to discuss other options.   The customer service rep at the Verizon store was very rude to my daugther.  We do not want another stratosphere.  What are our options?  Can I pay for another phone? 

              One of the phones was so bad it ruined the battery and when they gave my daughter a new phone they told her she had to pay for a new battery.

              I believe there is another phone on the way.  We do not want it.  We would like a different phone please. 

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                Higbee8128 wrote:


                Can I pay for another phone? 

                Yes, you always have the option to pay for a different phone.

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                  Your only options are to keep getting Stratospheres as replacements, pay full retail for another phone, or buy a phone elsewhere and put it on the line. The only ways to get a subsidized phone are if you have another line eligible for an upgrade or if you add a line.

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                    To describe all the issues I have had with Verizon and thier "customer service" I would have to spend the next hour typing.  i have spent probably a hundred hours on the phone with them over the last year or so and almost always after six or seven calls with little or no result some one may finally give in and fix something.  I wish so badly I had realized how bad this was going to be because I would love to have notes on each call because I honestly cannot even guess how many cs reps I have talked to, how many times I have had to call, or how many different reps have not followed thru.  I even had the same expired pricing request submitted by three different reps and all three were approved but not one of them could be bothered to actually go back in and make the change after they got the approval. I wish I had found this resource sooner, not that it will help but at least I know its not just stellar bad luck on my part, this company really is going downhill drastically.  Maybe I should not have been so stubborn about staying off that silly prepaid wagon.  It can't possibly be worse.  For some interesting reading check out the mission statement.  It is just laughable to me now, at one time I truly felt customers mattered which is what makes it so bad.

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                      Okay, you realize that in a lot of areas you don't need much more than a high school diploma to be a cs agent? Oh you think they should be trained or more qualified? Good idea, give vz incentive to raise prices.


                      Call centers have high rollover rates because people want to call in and treat the reps like emotional punching bags. So there is a high chance that the person you're talking to isn't that experience.


                      You would think if they aren't good at the job they should find another one, but hey we all just can't put on our job helmets and jump in the job cannon, and fire off into job land now can we?

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                        mobile hotspot **is** included in the cost of all new price plans. if you choose to stay on your old price structure, then you would need to pay for hotspot, but all share everything plans come with hotspot for free

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                          I had a very similar situation like yours. I purchased a new phone for my daughter and we upgraded to the family share plan. My salesperson didn't explain any of the charges to us, and only told us that her phone & the bill for it, would come to about $200 and would show up on my next statement. My phone bill normally runs around $100, so I was expecting my bill to be around $300. When I received my bill for $471.57, I seriously almost had a heart attack! I of course called them right away, and complained, and the only thing I heard was, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience". I must have talked to around 7 people on the phone and went down to the store itself. It was pretty much his word against mine that he explained everything, and of course they believed him. I'm so FURIOUS about this I could scream. If it didn't cost so much money to cancel my contract, I would do it in a heartbeat. I never had any trouble with U.S Cellular, and wish so bad I wouldn't have left. This company doesn't care at all about their customers; only their money

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