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    Lack of sound


      My phone will not let off any kind of notification sounds...it will not ring,alert for texts,or sound the alarm. It seems to shut down like that about 9:30pm & last till noon the next day,then it's fine...I've checked all the volume controls,& they are all where they should be...

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          I noticed a couple of days ago that my phone stopped with the sound.  I would really like to know what happened and how to fix it.  Have you found any resolution to this issue?  I have not sound at all notification tones, ringer or when I answer the phone no one can hear me!

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            I'd love to provide some insight to your issues with your sounds. This can be either a software or hardware issue. Finding out which will be the trick. If you haven't tried this already, I'll list some steps to try to fix the issue:

            1) Pull the battery on the device for 30 seconds (basic I know, but some people haven't tried that yet).

            2) Test the phone in save mode to determine if an app may be causing the issue ( http://bit.ly/xdizhy ).

            3) If it works in safe mode, try removing any ringtone applications that you may have downloaded. Then retest.

            4) If you are unable to find the application causing the issue, and none of the steps have worked, a hard reset may be necessary. Steps: http://bit.ly/xn5ozw

            Let us know the results of your testing. If all of these steps fail, the next step would be to look into replacement options. The warranty center can be contacted at 866-406-5154.


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              Thanks for your reply.  I have tried safe mode & a factory data reset, still experienced the problems.  I stopped by the store and had a tech guy check out the phone also.  He thought it could have been an app so it was removed and still the issue persisted.  They are sending me a replacement device.



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                I'm having the same issue!  I did a system update on Monday night and ever since then my phone will not play any sound.

                I too took my phone to the verizon store and was given the it must be an app speech and all he recommended was a factory reset.  To be perfectly honest....the lack of assistance was very annoying!!


                Not only does the phone not play any ringtones or notification sounds it won't play any of the music that has been downloaded on the phone since 2011!  Any time you try to play any music it says "sorry the player does not support this type of audio file."

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                  The guy I spoke to at the store was extremely helpful he looked throughout my many appear suggested a few that might be causing the issue and told me that if I experienced it again to call for a warranty replacement.  The replacement came yesterday and so far so good.  I am refraining from downloading appear until I need them.  This way I will be able to tell if it is an app which one.