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        My LG Revolution has also been not receiving text messages. It seems to be sending them just fine. I know this has been going on for at least a few days. This has also happened once in the past.


        My software is up to date. I think Verizon's suggestion to give the phone a hard reset is absolutely ridiculous--when MULTIPLE people are having the same problem, it is NOT a single problem. It is obviously a general problem. I use my phone for business and not receiving text messages is completely unacceptable!


        I absolutely HATE this phone and feel I was duped into buying it. $50! What a great deal! This phone (seriously) is not even worth $5. I've had it a little over two months and I already had such a plethora of other problems--I can't even begin to imagine spending another two years with this phone. It freezes ALL THE TIME. It is unbelievably slow. When I touch the home screen it takes approximately 5-10 seconds for my home screen to load. It takes two presses on the end key to end a call. Sometimes the screen just goes black and NOTHING I do can get it to come back on. Sometimes the screen won't turn off! Now I'm going to have to go to a Verizon store and spend hundreds of dollars for a new phone? Absurd.


        I am one extremely unhappy customer.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hello kuhnaybull,
          I know how important it is to have your text messages working properly. I do ask that you please make sure you have the latest software installed on your device using the following link:
          If you're using a third party application please remove and retest with the preinstalled application. I also ask that you delete your text messaging threads and retest. Have you tried power cycling your device for the screen difficulties you're experiencing? Let us know if you continue to experience difficulties so we can further assist.

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            I hate this phone. I've had the same problems as everyone above and my software is fine. I just had it in the store last week and they acknowledged the problem but said hopefully there would be a software update at the end of the month to fix it. I'm glad me going half a month or longer with messing messages is acceptable; especially since I'm PAYING for the service I'm NOT receiving. This is a joke. I used to respect Verizon for top not service and quality products. Now I dump more money into premium plans/phones and get **** equipment. I've seen threads like this all over the internet, all complaining of the exact same problem. Man up, realize you have a faulty device in circulation, and issue refunds/new device (something other than this ****** model). Beyond ridiculous.

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              Oh No!... I really wish I hadn't seen this thread..I've had my Revolution for over a year now and it's been a really good phone to me (quick! wave the incense, knock on wood, hang out the garlic...)


              Except for the last week or so I'm having trouble sending picture texts. They just sit there "Sending..." then time out.

              But that's my only problem... I can receive AND send all other texts. I thought it was b/c my pics were too big, etc. So I even went back in and cropped them down etc - but that didn't work.


              I've read the suggestions you've made to other users as far as software updates and deleting long threads (never thought of that-duh) and will follow up with all that to see if that takes care of it. Any other suggestions? After reading this post,  I just don't want this to be the beginning of things to come...


              On another note, for everyone else that is having problems, one quick thing: my daughter just got the Rezound about 2 months ago & suddenly, last night she was unable to send or receive any texts - she reset her phone & lost everything. She spent 45 min. w/ tech support who did massive "test texts" btwn her phone & mine. End result was they told her it was "something on their end" & it would take a day or two to resolve. (!!). However, about 2 hours later, our phones went crazy & all the tests texts flooded in.. She was also able to recover all her contacts, apps..everything. So WEIRD


              Now, it's working fine - she just texted me to come pick her up from school.. So..point is that it's not just the Revolution AND the T.S. ppl may be right...it may not be the phones at all...

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                The LG Revolution will NOT receive multi page texts from some other carriers, especially AT&T.  This is a bug in the device itself.  I have done multiple tests, including having a friend send me a multipage text (greater than 160 characters) and then sending the same text to another LG Revolution in the Verizon store as well as to two other model phones (not LG Revolutions) used by employees at the Verizon store.  Guess what? The employees in the Verizon store received the entire message on their non-LG Revolution phones, but my LG Revolution and the LG Revolution floor model did not receive the entire message! The message gets cutoff and only receives odd # pages. 


                Yes, I have tried downloading the latest SW update VS910ZV8 and this does NOT resolve issue.  Verizon will not give me a a different model phone and sending me a refurbished Revolution does not fix the issue because it is a Revolution problem.  ALL Revolutions have this problem.  I even dealt directly with the local LG rep and even talked with LG tech support online.  They acknowledged the problem but did figure pointing at Verizon - whatever.  Bottom line is Revolution can't receive all data in a text.   Why do you think they are so cheap on eBay? 


                I have been a Verizon customer for over 10 years and this is totally unacceptable.  I will definitely be switching to another carrier as soon as my contract is up.  I posted this on here in hopes that in the meantime no more person wastes their time restarting their phone or resetting to factory defaults or getting refurbished Revolution.  That won't work!  I am a software engineer so believe me when I say this is a bug that just needs to be fixed.  But apparently LG did subscribe to the Enhanced Messaging protocol and they and/or Verizon have no plans to address this in a future software releases.  We consumers need to rise up and not put up with this ** from Verizon.  Fix the issue or give us a new phone that works!  Verizon, if you are listening, you suck. 

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                  OK - I'm not sure what that is all about, because I have NEVER had that problem. My written texts ALWAYS go through and I always RECEIVE my texts: One, two, four pages... Verizon, AT&T, Joe's Cell Company...all carriers... sounds weird, dude...I'm just having trouble with SENDING picture texts.. (just wanted to clear that up) and now I'm thinking it's a 4G issue...


                  On another note, I'm kind of tired of people coming to this forum to just BIOTCH about how ****** they think their phones are and rip on Verizon. It's my understanding that this is supposed to be a place to "troubleshoot" things that we are experiencing with our phones and maybe find someone else who has/had the same problem and look to see if there was a solution.


                  I don't have time (nor do I care) to wade through post after post of the how-my-phone-doesn't-do-this-or-that-and-never has saga or the my-friend's-phone-never-did-it-either testimony,and the popular: Verizon-needs-to-do-this, or Verizon- sucks-cuz-it-should-do-that-and-I'm-going-to-go-to-another-carrier threat, blah. blah, blah..... Come on people! Make your posts worth our time! If anyone else is so smart, step up and apply for the job...how would you like having a customer like YOU at the other end of the line???


                  Remember: we could still be at home or in our office picking up a receiver and actually having to DIAL someone to go to lunch...

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