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    unlimited month to month


      I currently have a family plan with 2 phones, we share 750 minutes and each have unlimited texting but no data plan. I would like to upgrade phones and have data plan but the cost is not affordable for my family right now. I saw an ad for Verizon that had unlimited calls, text and data with just a month-to-month...no contract for $50 a month. Why when we sign a contract, stating that we will be loyal customers for those 2 years, do we pay more for less minutes/data than someone who just does the month-to-month? I understand that you get a phone discounted or free when signing a contract, but for me, i would save $60 a month by switching to no contract and could buy a phone and still save money! I would also then have unlimited calls where as now i share 750, unlimited text (which i do have) and adding the unlimited data. I think that companies need to reward their loyal customers with this type of savings instead of the prices going up and the quality going down. I've been with Verizon for a long time but it may be time for a change.

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          No contract = no subsidy.  You have to buy your phones outright.


          Also those plans are for basic phones and not smart phones.  Signing a contract and sticking with a company is not loyalty.  You have incentive to sign that contract.

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            I can't see having internet on one of the basic junk phones so I guess you get what you pay for and as said you have to buy the phone out right and I bet the screens are small compared to the smart phones.  Mary

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              You're right about Verizon not rewarding loyalty. There are differences in the data packages between the pre-paid and contract. The data offered in the pre-paid phones is not as fast as nor does it offer full web browsing. The pre-paid data plan may be okay if you just want to check e-mail or look at a weather radar, but for the Android or I-phones you will need the better data plan.

              One other area that isn't the same between pre-paid and contract packages is the calling areas. I was told by customer service that if I switched from my current contract plan to a pre-paid, I would incur roaming charges at 20 cents a minute in certain areas where Verizon does not have towers. The pre-paid is only for the Verizon network, if there are any gaps in coverage, you'll pay extra.

              I've heard that texting uses less resources for the cell phone companies than voice calls. It makes me wonder why they aren't promoting more packages that convert call minutes to text messages, such as 750 minutes or 7500 texts, or some other reasonable conversion. It seems that pricing is driven by what people are willing to pay, and not by what it actually costs to produce the product plus a reasonable profit.

              I hope I didn't get too far off topic...

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                I don't think they reward loyalty anymore. I used to get a nice discount when my contract ran out. I never paid more than $100 for a new phone. Now, you can get a cheap older phone, but ok phones are still $200-300. That isn't even for good phones. They don't carry the galaxy note or s2, which are twice as good as the moto phones.


                The plans are starting to get annoying. They lease access to all the cheaper companies. My wife has cricket and the same service I do everywhere. The difference is that she pays half what I do and has unlimited minutes. They even let you bring over Verizon phones. Basically, we are paying a premium for Verizon to build new towers and they are double dipping by leasing them out.


                My contract ended last months and they have done nothing to inspire me to stay after over 10 years with Verizon. My plan is horrible 450 minutes, text, 3g for over $100 after tax. The best part is they keep kicking me back to 1x to try and force me to upgrade to a new data plan. That makes me want to leave even more. I see more and more companies with 98% the same coverage offering plans for under $50 and unlimited everything. The real kicker is that I have to buy a phone for $300-400, but Verizon took themselves out of the equation by making me pay nearly that much to stay with them and trying to call it a discount.

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                  Loyalty doesn't exist if you get an incentive.  When you take that subsidization for signing a contract then you are not loyal. 

                  Loyalty has went out the window in the 80's for most of the world. 

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                    Where exactly are you getting your concept of loyalty? How are you defining that it cannot involve incentive? The term loyalty stems from the word for law and roughly means entering into a commitment. In use of the word, that commitment was two ways where the subject was given provision and incentive. That is what the word means and exactly what happens. We sign a commitment and they give us perks for our loyalty to continue. The point here is that those perks are no longer good enough and our loyalty might end. Could you maybe define your concept of loyalty and provide some etymological proof for the meaning you use?

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                      Just think of a dog loyal to his owner. Dog has no incentive to be loyal to their owners. They do not sign a contract with you. They choose to be loyal to you regardless of how you treat them.

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                        liolixli wrote:


                        provide some etymological proof for the meaning you use?

                        Seriuosly? You're way smarter than the average JOE.  Now we all know.