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    kin Twom phone audio doesn't work w/o headset


      Hey there guys,


      For the past few weeks, the audio on my Kin Twom phone will not work whenever someone calls me  (or I call them) unless I am using a plugged in headset (I have not tried a blue tooth headset yet). This is very annoying when I need to call people for work, or my coworkers need to call me and I cannot hear the caller on the line because I don't carry a headset with me everywhere I go. The phone speaker works randomly about 10% of the time, and even today the audio was not working for several minutes, then suddenly turned on in the middle of an attempted phone call to my boss. Apparently, the caller can still hear me on their side, because they have texted me back directly after a call asking why I was talking to them and could not hear them.


      I don't know if it is a different set of speakers, but my music can still play through the phone's speakers; only the phone calls do not work. I would say I take rather good care of this phone, and I have never dropped it, so I don't understand what is happening. Any help would be much appreciated.