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      Could someone help me how to stop OZMail SMS please?

      I'm getting the number from 11-801-222-2357.  I respond "Stop" and "Stop please" and it did stopped for a while, but now it came back again 8 hours later.  Can someone help me with these annoying messages please?

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          Do you have a basic phone or a smartphone?  Have you recently changed phones?

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            Hello there. I posted on the forums about the same exact problem. Apparently when I switched from a 3G phone to a 4G phone... somehow it started appearing when I put my same exact email from my old 3G phone to my new 4G. Everytime I got an email.. the text message alert would come through.


            I tried to have a Verizon rep on the forums to help me... he/she "said" it was taken care of, but I still got them. Not that I am complaining... I can deal with it, but it still gets annoying.


            Best of luck though! If you find a way to stop them, please post back on here and let me know!

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              I started getting massive amounts of text messages from OZMAIL as well, and after looking for the answer everywhere on the internet, I finally fixed the problem using the following combination:


              I sent an email to every email account I had until I found the one that would trigger the text to come up on my phone.


              The account that was affected was hotmail, so I went to my inbox, clicked on "options" in the top right corner, clicked on more options, then clicked on the last option under "Reading Mail" called "Mobile alerts for new messages." At first I overlooked this because it wasn't enabled, but then I read on another forum and was informed by someone that you have to sign up for it, then go back under the preferences and disable it (to do that, I had to click on "sign up for windows live mobile" again in order to bring up the options for it, then you can find "Set up Alerts preferences").


              After doing this, I sent another email to myself on that account, and voila - no more OZMAIL text messages.


              I hope this helps someone!!!

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                The OZMAIL stopped on my phone!! Yay   All I did is respond "STOP" and "PLEASE STOP" everytime they send me the message and delete some of my APS on my phone that I haven't use for a while, and now I don't get the message anymore!!


                I was getting it every 2 hours...then every 6 hours....then it slowly disappear...and now I don't get them anymore!! So hopefully it'll work for you too!!