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        My daughter's phone started doing this same thing last night.  Screen backlight doesn't come on when you slide it open, but you can barely see things if you hold it just right.  Very frustrating as she has only had it since February!

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          Verizon has finally allowed my phone to return as defective.  After at least half a year of telling them all of the issues, they decided to swap out my phone with a real bad Samsung Intensity II (not to mention the real ugly bright blue color even after they confirmed with me that mine would be black/dark grey).  If they had actually believed me when I first called them a long time ago, I probably would have received a new replacement phone rather than a refurbished one since it was much closer to the original purchase date.  Everytime I called Verizon, I had to explain all of the problems on the phone and all of the actions that their customer service told me to do to fix the problem.  Even after they agreed to replace the phone, they still grilled me to make sure the phone was defective.  After I received my replacement phone, I had to take it to a Verizon store to have the contacts exported from the Kin and imported into the Samsung (no software or features exist to do it myseff).  It took an extremely long time for them to transfer the information over and the customer service guy said he was having issues getting into the Kin.  I replied that was an example of the problems I have been having.


          Since this sounds like a common issue for so many people, I would recommend that you just tell Verizon to replace your phone.  You'll probably end up with bad equimpment like I received and will have to live with it until your contract expires.  Good luck everyone and thanks to certain people for wasting so much of my time.

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            My Kin 2m is doing everything everyone else is saying. It started with a dark screen. Christmas eve it would go blank or freeze when I opened it to text. Christmas day it would just stay black. I can tell its on because when i turn the phone sideways I can see a light. My daughter is also on my plan and she has the Kin Onem and it won't send or recieve pictures and it shuts itself off all the time. I don't pay for insurance or anything but obviously its not just my phones that are having the problems.

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              It has nothing to do with the warranty if they assess it as damaged when you ship the Kin back to them. Despite the workers at the Verizon Store looking at the phone and telling me that I would not be charged for a replacement for this defective Kin phone, and that the screen problem was not my fault, don't expect VZW to actually give you a replacement phone without a $99.00 charge. The folks at the Verizon store also affirmed that the phone was not their best and that there were lots of complaints about problems with the screen, contacts, etc. from customers. Verizon will most likely claim (with photos) that you damaged the device screen, that it has no inherent defect, and subsequently charge a fee for any replacement phone (a fee that is worth more than the phone they send you, as it is a used / certified pre-owned device, and mine, a Samsung Intensity II has it's own defects whereby it reboots by itself all the time throughout the day). I attached their explanation in an e-mail below. So far when I have contacted Verizon support by phone, they are not willing to remove this fee. They shipped me the replacement phone giving me the impression that they would cover all the costs, and now they will not take this defective Samsung device back and refund the $99. I am more than willing to use an older device of my own (LG EnV3) rather than a defective Samsung Intensity II that has fewer features (no video).


              If anyone is able to get a replacement device without Verizon claiming that you physically damaged your phone and charging you a fee for the replacement, please let me know. I wasted my afternoon talking to customer support about this, but they do not want to refund the fee for any reason.



              Your returned device has physical damage that was not caused by electrical or mechanical malfunction and is therefore not covered by the manufacturer&#39s warranty. Please take a moment to review pictures of your returned device below. An arrow indicates the damage to your device.
              As explained in the Activation Guide that was included with your Certified Like-New Replacement, a non-refundable Damaged Device fee of $99.00 will be assessed to your account and your original device will not be returned. The fee will appear on your bill under the &#34Equipment Charges&#34 section within 1 &#45 2 bill cycles.
              A Damaged Device fee of $99.00 has been assessed to your account and will appear on your bill under the "Equipment Charges" section within 1 - 2 bill cycles.
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                This sounds like it is a common issue with the phone. My wife has been complaining about her screen going out often and only remedied by removing the battery. I know she isn't eligible for an upgrade until 12/02/12, so I guess she is just ******* at this point. I guess it's time to cancel service with VZW and go to MetroPCS.

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                  This exact thing is happening to me. What can I do? I've had the phone for over a year now.



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                    I'm having the same problem with the backlighting on the screen going out, like everyone else on this post.  Can someone please let me know how long the warranty period on the Kin Twom is?



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                      My screen just crapped out on me as well. I can't remember how long I've had the phone, but I think it has been maybe a little more than a year. I have never dropped the phone or gotten it wet.


                      Here's what happens:

                      The backlight works perfectly when the keyboard is tucked away, but when I slide open the phone, the backlight turns off and the screen is extremely dark. I can barely make out what is on the screen, and the touch commands still work when the screen is like this. I have tried leaving the phone unplugged from the battery for more than 30 minutes, setting the auto-brightness off (manual), etc., and nothing has fixed it. Any thoughts?


                      Also, my audio for phone calls went out as well. I'm wondering if there is some loose wiring/solder inside the phone. The thread for the audio problem is here:


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                        I have had my Pantech Jest for 2 years now and am upgrading soon I must say that compared to my sons kin one I absolutely love my jest  in 2 years i have had NO issues but this morning the kin died.....it will not power on at all. took battery out and it didnt help the issue  now Im wondering now what??

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                          my kintwo is not turn on