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        Sad that it's not in stores anymore.    I got one in my upgrade last month and did it online.  My wife paid with it more than I did it seemed and wanted one.  Before she was able to upgrade she was killing time and went in the local VZW store and asked about it and accessories.  What was she shown instead?  Wait for it......  You guessed it Android phones.  We upgraded her last week and again did it online and got her Trophy.

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          I agree... It's crazy how little support they offer for WP.  I've been with Verizon for over 10 years and have been solely a Windows Mobile user since my Treo 700wx (now still on WM 6.5 HTC Imagio... which is driving me a bit crazy).  I've been looking for a decent used Trophy also so I don't get locked in for another 2 years (only to stay flexible in case Vzw picks up a Nokia phone within the next 6-12 months) but haven't been able to find one. 


          I'm in the NY area and the store on 42nd St between 6th and B'way has the Trophy.  I stopped in to check it out and took a pic of the Settings page with OS version info. Not the best shot in the world (glare) but it shows the OS version as 7.10.7720.68 (See below)



          . IMAG0084.jpg

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            A lot of phones from last year aren't on display anymore


            Thanks for the news update

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              Verizon doesn't want anyone buying WP7 phones... its plainly obvious.


              They are in googles back pocket.  Its funny to watch a company strangle itself over "tech" fanboi prejudice.


              I am off to AT&T...  prices here will be going up anyways since verizon lost 2 billion last quarter.


              They slit their own throat with the iphones also remember. took them forever.  Now AT&T has caught up infrastructure wise and V has the iphone...


              And google is giving V some big kickbacks on android.  AT&T is smart in not offending its customers, Nokia Lumia 900 here I come... goodbye Verizon...

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                The significance here is that this device has not been usurped by another device that is to REPLACE it in Verizon's lineup. Thats why i see it as such a slight to the platform. Clearly yes you can still buy one, but only if you go online. It's been relagated to the annals of feature phone status essentially by not getting any facetime as a viable SMARTPHONE platform.

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                  I'm stuck for one more year on VZ with my trophy.  I'm so tempted to take on that FREE lumia 900 phone deal for new AT&T customers on a 2 yr contract.  Early termination might already cover the cost of switching.  Very tempting.

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                    It's that the Trophy (in a lot of locations) has been moved to the reseller market.  For example, the VZW store in Waldorf (Festival at Waldorf) no longer stocks the Trophy; however, hhgregg (same shopping center) who is a VZW reseller, does - in fact, it's free with a new/existing VZW account.  (It wouldn't surprise me if Best Buy (another VZW reseller; directly across from hhgregg) also has the Trophy in their Free Phones section.)  As to why all the hate for Windows Phone, quite honestly, it's NOT Google - but Motorola Mobility (which Google recently acquired).  VZW and Motorola have had a LONG (very long) relationship - my mom's first mobile phone (back when VZW was Bell Atlantic Mobile!) was a Motorola - an ancestor of the StarTAC line of business-boring cell phones.  Here's the hilarious part - in the VZW Web store, the same Trophy is $179.99 (same terms as the resellers - new contract or addition to existing contract).  If I really want a Windows Phone *and* want to stick with VZW (they do have one thing right - with ANY phone, it is definitely all about the network behind it), I'd go to a reseller - not a VZW store.


                    I'm looking at the Trophy for *me*, but not just for price reasons (though it's darn hard to beat free) - but to sync with Windows 8 (I'm happily running the Release Preview now, and *will* upgrade to RTM when it ships).

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