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    When will we get ICS?


      So the Wifi Xoom is on its second upgrade in ICS, while we sit and continue to wait.  Not to mention we were the first ones to purchase the "GED" Xoom device.  The only reason why I got the Xoom, well not the only reason but it was a major factor, was because I thought that since this was toted as a GED device we would always receive updates first.  Regardless of the setbacks with the updated operating system.  Now, I think we're are two months close to the freakin wifi Xoom going through it's second updated of Android 4.04, and we're still stuck on Honeycomb.  This will be the last time I buy a carrier branded tablet, I believe. 


      But that's besides the point. When will we get the ICS update for the "GED" LTE Xoom?  Thank you.,

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          I would love an actual answer to this question.  Anxiously waiting.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hello write4food and mjjlmp. At this time we do not have information on when or if the Motorola Xoom will receive the software update (ICS). If available it will be pushed to your device to update. We appreciate your patience.

            For additional information, go to http://support.verizonwireless.com/system_update/xoom.html .

            Thank you,

            Lena A.
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              Looks like we are not going to get ICS.  Going to keep this for the lenght of the contract then good bye. Stuck in the same boat with my Samsung Charge I bought last year.  Looks like I will have to start rooting my devices.

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                "If available"?  Please clarify if it actually will be coming as was originally announced.  Is it in development?  Is it on a back burner collecting dust?  I would think some details would be available...If it's not coming, just say so.  If the intention is to still release it, then say so.

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                  This is just a straight insult to my face! "IF AVAILABLE"?? This just makes no sense to me at all. Motorola devices have been getting the raw end of the deal when it comes to updates. Its nice to see the wi-fi version get updates but the ones who are locked in by a contract, and also pay monthly for service, don't get anything in return. Upgrade are tablets or let us out of our contracts.Compensate or something! No updates in over a year! I SHOULD OF BOUGHT THE IPAD!! At least they get software updates on the regular.

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                    im starting to see how things work at verizon.got the xoom and just got the maxx both are going to get ics.i dont think i will see it on either device.you get what you pay for.if you bought the xoom out right you already have it but not on the plan.why is this?i feel nobody is working on it becouse it cost money and time and they already have your money.i got three phones and the tablet. my contract has already came to end.im stuck for the next two on the maxx and year on the tablet and iphone.its time to start looking else where.i blame no one else but me.do your home work on before you buy and dont count on any dreams.

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                      VZW pushed ICS to my 4G/LTE Xoom just after midnight.


                      Good things come to those...