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    Delayed Receipt of Text Messages


      Anyone else currently having an issue with text messages arriving on your iPhone severely delayed? I'm currently receiving text messages that seem to  have been sent more than 24 hours ago, although they are getting a current time stamp on them.

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          I have been having problems just of late. I tried *228 and it worked for only a couple of minutes. I called technical services but they couldn't do anything with me on the phone and I have no alternate phone where I am  but it may be an actual phone issue rather than the network. If I figure anything out I will post more

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            Has anyone found the root cause and/or have a solution to this problem? I've had my iPhone for about 2 weeks now and in the last 5 days I've noticed a significant delay in sent and received messages of up to 24 hours. Sometimes it won't even let me send a message for hours. I have to keep retrying. It’s very irritating and once I didn’t receive an urgent message until it was too late. Thanks.

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              I'm having the same problem. Yesterday alone two separate people sent me texts which I did not receive until over two hours later. I miss my Droid.

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                I've experienced this problem too.  For this problem, I suspect Verizon more than the phone (although it could be a combination of the two).  Our family has basic LG and Motorola phones.  We have the problem with both brands.  On one phone a text came 4 days later!  I'm still waiting for a text that my wife sent to me 24 hours ago.  The problem isn't consistent, which makes it difficult to trouble shoot.  I'm calling Verizon to express my concerns.

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                  Hi MarkWilson,


                  I use messaging so much, and I would feel the same way if my messages were not being sent or received right away. I'd love to assist you with a resolution.


                  This is a forum for the iPhone 4S, and you mentioned you do not have a Smartphone, and are using feature phones on both lines, one being a Motorola and one being an LG. You did not mention the model of either device, but I can still assist you.


                  Feel free to send me a DM with your name, one of your mobile numbers, and a good contact number for you. I will be happy to reach out to you to address and resolve this issue.




                  Christina B

                  VZW Support

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                    My wife just got an iphone 4S about a month ago, and is having this problem for the last week. She is receiving messages an hour or two after people send them to her iphone, and the messages I receive from her have a future timestamp (i.e., I receive her text at 11AM and the text is timestamped 11:30AM, the future).  Can someone please help, because messaging worked fine on the iphone 4S for three weeks, but now is lagging!!!

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                      I noticed delayed text issue this week.  I got a text message 24 or more hours after it was send.  Normally this person doesn’t text during the time I received it.  When I talked to him, he mentioned that he send the text a day ago.  From my perspective, the delayed test happens from a NON iPhone from a Non Verizon network to an iPhone 4S on Verizon network.


                      I called the Verizon tech support and they went through resetting my iPhone and updating by dialing *228.  I will wait and see if this issue persists.

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                        I have also been having this problem on my iPhone 4s.  What is the issue and can it be fixed?

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                          Verizon upgraded software on the phone by dialing *228 then reset settings from general


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