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    HTC Rezound 4G connectivity issues


      anybody having issues with 4G connectivity, I have unlimited plan, is Verizon throttling my data? happening in the last week, very annoying. Can I request a discount on my bill?

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          i had the same problem after the update...not one issue prior to it. according to Verizon, they are not throttling data but I am not buying it...used to get well over 15 MBPS download and its been weeks since I have seen anything over 8 MBPS with no changes to the phone, all stock software and apps, all in the same area.


          i just leave my phone on 3G now...kinda defeats the purpose of having a 4G phone but I guess I am an ahole who bought into the 4G experience lol.

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            Joe L

            Hello JBLo


            I'm sorry to hear your having connectivity issues with your rezound. Does this happen everywhere or at one specific location? Are you losing all data connections? Did this start after an application was downloaded? Please power the rezound in safe mode and retest. Here's a link for safe mode: http://support.verizonwireless.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=48353


            Verizon wireless does not throttle data. On our 3G network we do use network optimization. Here's a link that explains network optimization: http://support.verizonwireless.com/information/data_disclosure.html


            Please let me know if the issue happens in safe mode.

            Thank you


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              Same problem after the update.  I also have problems with the phone not connecting from 3G->4G upon entering a 4G service area and sometimes would even be stuck on 1X.  And I have had the infamous reboot problem when it seems the connection send it into la la land.  I wonder if a new SIM will work out?

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                It is a fairly common issue. Mine occurred randomly for the most part and every single time I connected to the mobile hotspot. It happened the exact same way with multiple Rezound devices, but my Bionic worked just fine, which leads me to conclude that it was not necessarily a specific device, nor was it the sim card itself. From my research into it, it appears to be an issue specific with the hardware or software of the device.


                Despite all of that, out of sheer desperation, I flashed the most recent ics build for the device and, outside of a very small little hiccup in the beginning, I have had no problems with 4G stability and I have been able to go longer than two minutes on the hotspot (working on 10 minutes now with no problem). If you do this, I guess it is safest to say: do so at your own risk. My phone wasn't working sufficiently in the first place and any harm that could have come from flash problems would have changed nothing.

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                  my wife and i have the HTC rezound and we both started having 4g data connection problems with both phones at the same time. what happens is when the device is in lte/cdma mode the 4g symbol will dissappear and whatever app you are using or try to use will give you the no data connection error. the connection may or may not come back when the app is refreshed or relaunched.  this is very annoying as if you have apps (emails, instant messaging, etc) that need data connection for updates they do not work. This issue has been going on for about 2 weeks now. It is not location dependent and I have personally wiped my phone and also activated a new sim card but the issue is still occurring. My wife has placed her phone in 3g mode only to avoid this problem and the phone works fine in that mode but why bother having a 4g phone when you cannot use 4g?  i have spoken to some other rezound owners and they have noticed the same problem starting around the same time as well.  I live and work in the Greenville Spartanburg, SC area. We used to think this was the best 4g device out there but now i cannot recommend it to anyone as it seems something has broken it

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                    I am on my third rezound.  The first one went into reboot ****.  The second one couldn't get WiFi working straight out of the box.  This one has worked fairly well with occasional reboot to death episodes.  However, this one has been rock solid on the hotspot functionality and I've often had better connecitivity at work using 4G than the corporate network offered.


                    About ten days ago, it started dropping 4G connections.  I noticed it first with Pandora where I coudn't get through a song.  It would die then come back and start something else.  I'm currently on a trip from San Francisco down to San Diego and it doesn't matter where I am, I can't keep a 4G connection running.  I can be sitting there with five bars of signal, 4G, and a download speed of 28Mbps and then it just drops to no connectivity.


                    This thing has become basically worthless for data.


                    Seems like there's enough folks reporting this to start raising some ****.

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                      Yes, This really isn't fair. I just got my rezound and my data connection keeps dropping when I'm on 4g for variable amounts of time andd it really doesn't matter where I am in the entire st. louis area. It drops to no connection, not even to 3g, and this is now my second brand new phone since I had a return within my first 14 days and both eventually ended up having unreliable 4g data connections.

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                        Same issue after changing to everything plan 4gb. Right after I changed plans I lost all data connection. I don't even get 3g on my Droid Razr...  I can make calls and receive calls and sometimes my texting doesn't go through. I called support and they made me turn my phone off and on about 6 times and still the problem wasn't solved. The "level 2" technician couldn't even solve the problem. They asked me to call back from a different phone but I doubt that's the issue. I gotta give it up to Verizon for calling me and offering to upgrade to a different plan because I went over my minutes, they didn't charge me the 250 minutes I went over, BUT now my phone doesn't work as it should. I guess I'll be patient.  My question is this: Are we having issues because of so many people upgrading to the 4g network? For example the people who were forced to upgrade because they did away with the grandfathered plans.  I'm kinda ******** when it comes to all this technical phone stuff but I think Verizon is experiencing a massive data outage and they haven't released the news.  I'll keep checking this post for answers to all of your questions. Thank you for posting.

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                          Yeah, I know what you mean. I am originally from St. Louis and tried using my new Rezound there and it was completely unstable. This problem was before I fixed it (see my last comment further up). Back in January/February, I was in the Crestwood, MO region, which has 4G and had no connection to my Rezound (both Rezounds) and after I would transfer the sim back to the Bionic I had, the 4G turned on and stayed there.

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