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        How much Battery do have left Xu looking at your Battery in the Pull down Bar is it a 1/4 or 1/2 from the Full Edge or more.

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          xu701zero wrote:




          After a full drain and complete recharge and used it today, here is the battery report, B33, let me know if I should return the phone?


          14h 25m 10s on battery


          Display 29% 4h 6m 32

          Android OS 17% 49m 8s

          Media Server 10% 23m 42s

          Android System 7%  25m 39s

          Voice Calls 7% 8m 52s

          Skype 47m 47s

          Cell Standby 5% 14h 23m 51s

          Phone Idle 5% 10h 18m 37s

          Pandora 4% 59m 18s

          Browser 4% 9m 1s

          Wifi 2% 1h 49m 19s

          Your results over all did not look to bad the only thing running a Mildly high is you display an Skype:  I my self i don't use skype at all the display might come down if you adjust you brightness down to the 10 to 15% level that's were mine is set an i can still see the display Fine an i unchecked the Automatic Brightness. But like i said your other levels look Really Good an if you still have a 1/2 to 3/4 of your battery left i don't think you have a problem.  Let me ask you this do you have your phone in hand all the time , part time or just on a Occasion.

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            I had only 9% battery left. My display at all time is adjusted to the smallest possible amount( my assumption is 0%, i slide it all the way down). When skype is on, the display doesn't turn off. I have my phone with me at all time, but i check it regularly, like...not obsessively, i consider myself normal usage.

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              So disappointed, either i am really paranoid about my battery or there is something really wrong about it. Motorla claims you can stream videos for straight 15 hours and 2 and a half whole day of music listening. i barely streamed an hour of netflix and it took away 10% of my battery already today.

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                Well if you have a few days left an you want to get you another one Go for it.  Xu just make sure you get a New one.  O i just read an posted that Motorola is offering for $110.00 A kit to Upgrade the Razr to a Razr maxx you get the Bigger Battery an the Back Cover an i would say a tool to remove it would be in the Kit as Well.. B33

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                  b33....he has the MAXX already.

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                    i'm going to say motorola is full of it. i wouldn't believe that you could stream 15 hours of video unless i actually saw it. take it in and ask verizon if you are really concerned about it, before it's too late to return it. however, i still believe that those stats look pretty good (assuming you were on LTE during the above time frame).

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                      Yup got the Maxx an i did stream Winamp for over 16 Hours Straight with No Hiccups but i have don this with my Droid x as Well An as for the Battery i can't say a darn thing Bad about it. It has done a Supreme job for my for the Device i am on 3G No 4G yet can travel a bit to get it. An when i'm at home an doing the Streaming i am using my Wi-Fi.

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                        Guys, I finally figured out the problem with the battery and I fixed it and now my battery is lasting forever! now my problem is to kill it, not conserve it!:)


                        Here is what I did to fix the battery:


                        Removed bloatware from Verizon. The biggest problem is Backup Assistant constantly synching in the background, it goes on even if you disable the sync. Another thing was I had Lookout on constant running ( in case i need to locate my lost droid), and that app was constantly siphoning data even with sync disabled.


                        Another thing was the bloat wares called Social Location and Social Networking. After removing all those. My battery drains very well.


                        I also set up SmartAction to do several things, such as when screen dims, it stops background data (not background sync, those are different things). and whenever Wifi is connected, 4G LTE will be turned off and vice versa.


                        For today I discharged it at 9am. Right now I have 41% left. Battery used 13h 15m 8s. I used it heavily today. 4G LTE was turned on. 


                        Hope that helps people!