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    iPad Data Plan Run Around Warning


      Be careful canceling your data plan for the iPad when you aren't using it may have to be done periodically not just once until you want it again.  Here is our story...


      My wife purchased an iPad 2 with 3G capabilities from a Verizon store with the promise that she could discontinue the data plan at any time because it had a month to month plan.  We used it for 1 month and decided the data plan was not particularly useful for us at the time because of the performance and the fact that we have data plans already on our phones, so we cancelled the plan online.


      Then later data plan charges for the iPad start appearing on our bill without us starting it. Customer service states that is says that the service will start automatically after a period of inactivity.  We never saw that stated on the website.  We decide it is not worth the service and decide we want to take our iPad totally off.


      We called customer service to disconnect the iPad from Verizon and the representatives tell us we have to go to the store to cancel.  We go to the store and they say we have to call customer service.  We call customer service and they won't disconnect our iPad.  We ask if there is some way we can cancel it on their website and they say no.  My wife is literally going around in circles with the service representatives for hours being bounced from representative to representative.  One representative even yelled at her why did she buy a 3G enabled iPad if she didn't want the service.  Since she is at work doing this she has to give up and call on multiple different days.  She finally gets a representative that admits that it will get counted against him if he disconnects the iPad.  The representatives are told to try and talk the customer out of it and if they can't it goes against their record, but he finally agrees to "take the hit."


      She then asks to get the charges reversed.  The representative says he cannot do that. She asks to speak to his supervisor, who also refuses.  She asks if at least the charges for the months she spent trying to get the iPad disconnected to be reversed.  Again the supervisor refuses.  Are you kinding?!  Our family's bill with Verizon is almost $400 per month and they are willing to upset us because they won't handle this mysterious data plan start-up and the charges while we are on record as trying to disconnect the iPad?


      I hope there is some way to resolve this.  We like Verizon's coverage, but are willing to move to one of the much cheaper provider's in our area if this is how they treat loyal customers.  I guess Verizon doesn't really want our $4800/year because they need us to spend more to be worth their trouble.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support



          This is definitely a situation I don't wish to find any of our customers in ever. I would like the opportunity to review your account and assist you with your concerns. Please send me (AdamE_VZW) a direct message so I can privately assist.


          I look forward to your reply.


          Thank you,
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            I agree with you but I was thinking you could have suspended it without billing and not  accrue any charges.

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              Yes, that would have been the way to go, but the representatives were unwilling to even suspend the 3G service!

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                I have a similar problem removing the $10/75 MB Data Plans from three basic phones. If they are removed, data charges begin. A Data lock will block other Apps like Family Locator, etc., which is supposed to have data charges covered. If the Data block is removed, the $10/75 MB Data Plan pops back on. Reps tell me they can't do anything about it. Definitely some sort of change.

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                  Yes, I wish the billing and service options weren't so complicated and confusing.  The service representatives also seem to have their hands tied from actually helping solve customers problems.

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                    I sent you a direct message over 3 weeks ago and have not received a reply or any contact.  I sure hope this is not more of the same run around.  Will someone from Verizon please respond.  I would really like to get some resolution of this issue.

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                      My wife finally got her issue resolved!  She finally got a great customer service respresentative.  Jennifer went through the records and cleared everything up.


                      My advice for others is be aware that if you suspend your account, you have to keep suspending it periodically.  If you don't it will restart automatically after a set amount of time.  If you wouldn't be using the data plan for awhile cancel the plan.  The representative will probably try to talk you into only suspending the plan "so that you can start it up again easier."  Unless you are willing to regularly re-suspend the account insist that they do it.  Do not accept any of their excuses why they can't cancel the plan.  Like others stated, you can suspend your account online.  Please carefully read the fine print when you suspend the account and find the clause about when the acccount will restart automatically.


                      We have learned our lesson the hard way! :-(

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                        What you did was suspend your data, Which is only able to be done for 90 days, So each 89-90 you have to re suspend your account.  I would close your post paid account and just do prepaid directly from your cellular data page in your settings on your ipad. You can start and stop it anytime, no cost, But make sure you stop it when you don't need it by canceling the plan. other wise it will auto renew each month. You can also do a $20 for 1 gig prepaid, Which I know is not offered on postpaid.