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        No, its just an update to the Verizon Location Agent coming from the Marketplace or Google Play or whatever it is now.  When you go into the Market and then press Menu->My Apps there is an update waiting for Verizon Location Agent unless you have automatic app updating turned on then it already updated. The thing is it is dated February and will say that it is not compatible with your phone if you let it update.


        The ICS ROM candidates for the Rezound have been leaking like crazy.  Another one just leaked 2 days ago.  They are still not stable though.


        Why is the Rezound not showing up anymore in the Android Phone list for the community?


        Message was edited by: DharmaDog   Oh I forgot!  My Verizon Mobile didn't hijack my phone today so the fix must have worked. Knock-on-wood!!

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          Just yesterday a Tech Support manager tried to get me to change to a RAZR but he specifically said I could not switch to the MAX, not that I'm even interested in that.  Both would be a step down.  I'm one of the people that can see the pentile matrix display and that tiny checkerboard pattern drives my eyes crazy.  Not going for the non-removable battery.  Hate the way the Razr feels in my hand and I hate MotoBlur.  The Rezound is a much better phone with a much better display and camera and audio among other things.


          Tomorrow is the 28th. That wouldn't have anything to do with it.

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            So, I had to chime in on this one, for sure.  In 3 years with VZ, I've had 2 droids, 5 thunderbolts... and now the rezound (because apparently they had already sent me all the thunderbolts they had!)

            I'm up to my ears in bill, but I haven't had a phone that worked properly, and no service- fancy that!

            Anyways, 2 days ago I had the reboot-on-crack problem, and almost had a melt-down.  I was finally able to do a hard reset after 2 hours of the reboot torture (because who doesn't love losing all their info for the 15th time?) and it quit.  But my data service has been for ****.


            I came across this post, and went through the steps the OP recommended.

            Back cover off, enter the #*#*4363*#*#...

            However, my phone was already on CDMA + LTE/EVDO auto- so I didn't change anything.

            I powered off, removed the battery and sim, and then replaced both and restarted.


            In the last 15 minutes, I've had more 4G coverage then I've had in the last 15 Days (as long as I've had the darn thing).

            Hoping this keeps up-

            And THANKS SO MUCH for this post!


            Here's to hoping all of your Rezounds can rebound!

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              I am a longtime Rezound user and I too have experienced your pain of endless reboots. After many hard resets, software uninstalls and reinstalls (yes the new google maps update also causes the endless looping problem), and network adjustments (the not always effective #*#*4636*#*# method, etc), I have learned something not mentioned very often in the many web discussions on the subject of android endless reboots (the Rezound isn't the only Android phone suffering from this awful disease by the way....): The HTC Rezound does NOT LIKE SWITCHING BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN 4G AND WIFI so switching to wifi should be minimized whenever possible on the Verizon network.  During one of my discussions with a top level Verizon tech many months ago, he recommended since I had an unlimited data plan to avoid switching to wifi whenever possible since 4G is generally much faster (true) and frequent switching between networks like 4G and Wifi (or between 4G and 3G) can cause problems (it shouldn't be this way, BUT IT IS).  In fact I have found that if I avoid switching to wifi alltogether, the frequency of the endless reboot problem disappears to almost zero (at least until the new google maps update appeared!). One of the most complicated maneuvers a smartphone or computer has to make is switching data networks (remember all of your system and software programs have to also adjust accordingly), and sadly our smartphone and smartphone networks have not yet learned how to do this as smoothly as our home and office computers.

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                Thanks for posting this.  Neither Verizon nor HTC were of any help, I started experiencing this problem within days of buying the phone, I think they must have done this to it in the store, then it worked for a couple months, then i cracked the screen, then it started doing it again, but this time this code wouldn't work either.  i did two hard resets before i gave up on it and had to use my insurance to replace the phone because verizon voided the warranty on account of the screen, even though the problem i was experiencing happened before the screen crack.  whatever, i suck it up.  i get my new one last week, it has already started doing all this again.  at this point i have repeatedly asked them to just trade me for a phone of an equal or lesser value and they won't do it.  i don't spend smartphone money to get a piece of junk!

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