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        Isn't it also true that if you are in an area that does not have 4g coverage you need to manually set your phone to 3g to avoid the phone constantly looking for 4g and using battery power?

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          You might be pulling more since your in a Constant 4G area!  What do you think Rc  like i said i live in a 3G only Area.. On my Maxx as right Now no pulling no Leg it shows 2days 12 Hours 37 min. But i haven't been Constantly playing with either How ever I have streamed Winamp for a 20 Hour Leg. An that's No Poop on the Barbie 

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            No! you want to keep it on CDMA/LTE an don't change it from there A T3 Tech advised me of this.. it can cause issues..

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                Your Welcome.. Xu you might try this run your battery all the way down till the indicator light shows up. about 10% battery then charge it for 4 Hours with the phone Off not On an then go one more Hour...Once done an if your not doing anything Special like work or Such just hanging around at Home.  Stream Slacker , or if you Know how to Stream Winamp try doing it for as long as it will Go before you return it. But if it can't Muster that Go ahead an Return it. Let me know the Results Ok

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                  here's the short story. if you can go for an entire day and actually USE the device for at least 3 hours (browsing, talking, texting, music, vids, etc, etc) during the day, then your battery is fine. if you'r not using it at all and it's draining down to 10-20% in less than a day, then the battery is likely bad......but it sounds to me like your battery is fine. it looks to me like your display was actually on for almost 3 hours and you still had 40% left. that's a solid battery. fyi....unless you actually need to use 4g then i would force it to 3g only and you'll get significantly more battery life. i'm in a solid 4g network (phoenix), but it still crushes my battery. i put it on 3g only and i switch it to LTE mode if i want to stream video or download large files.

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                    But your assumption is for any regular android devices. However, the razr MAXX is advertised for it's long lasting battery, containing 3400mAH, therefore, the general expectation should be at least a little higher. 3 hours certainly doesn't seem to suffice for a 3400mAH.

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                      So you want me to drain it and charge it well and run it down again and then charge it again?

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                        but it also has top of the line specs (processor, display, etc) that will consume a bit more battery than my tbolt, for example. it appeared that you were at 2 hours and 40 minutes of the display on and had 40% left. that seems to me like you were on pace for a solid 5 hours of actual use, which i still say is a solid battery.looking at your stats, i can't really figure out why the display was on for nearly 3 hours???? it doesn't appear that you used it much, but i can only assume that it was in use whenever the display was on. if that's the case, then 14 hours off of the charge and 2 hours and 40 minutes of usage, with 40% left seems good to me....even for a 3400.

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                          After a full drain and complete recharge and used it today, here is the battery report, B33, let me know if I should return the phone?


                          14h 25m 10s on battery


                          Display 29% 4h 6m 32

                          Android OS 17% 49m 8s

                          Media Server 10% 23m 42s

                          Android System 7%  25m 39s

                          Voice Calls 7% 8m 52s

                          Skype 47m 47s

                          Cell Standby 5% 14h 23m 51s

                          Phone Idle 5% 10h 18m 37s

                          Pandora 4% 59m 18s

                          Browser 4% 9m 1s

                          Wifi 2% 1h 49m 19s