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    LG Spectrum Jumping To Home Screen


      I've got a problem with my LG Spectrum.  I've had it about 3 or 4 weeks now.  It keeps jumping to the home screen.  In other words, whatever app I'm looking at or have open, it will just exit to the home screen.  It's an intermittent problem.  It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it will often happen several times over and over again.  It exits, I go back into the app.  It exits again a second later.  I go back into the app, etc. 


      I haven't been able to find any particular pattern to it.  It can happen in any application.  It can happen while I'm typing, swiping or just looking at something.  It can happen if the phone has been on for hours, or if the phone was just barely turned on and I'm in my first application.  It never shows my any error whatsoever.  However, about 25% of the time I will see for a brief flash the Car Mode screen popup or the Car Mode icon appear on the status bar at the top.  So, I'm guessing it has something to do with the Car Mode being activated inadvertantly/incorrectly, but I'm not even sure how the phone decides it's time to start Car Mode yet.  Every other phone I've ever had you started Car Mode manually.


      The phone is not rooted and the latest OTA updates have been applied.

      Firmware: VS920ZV4


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          No ideas?  Anyone?

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            had mine for about 4 days and I'm noticing this as well.  It's almost like it's force closing the app youre in, but you can go right back to where you were when you re-enter the app.  any luck finding out why?

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              it certainly appears that you have a rogue apps. What is "car mode" and is it deletable? If so, delete it and see if you are still having problems, you can always re-enstall it. Another possibility is that you are inadvertently tapping on the home key which is right on the bottom center (the silver key with the house icon). When tapped, it will always bring you back to your home screen. If held down it brings up the eight most recent apps that you visited. My bet is on a bad apps.

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                Good morning! I hope to make your experience with the LG Spectrum better. I know its no fun to have issues with your phone. I agree with mortb, that it may be a corrupted application causing these issues. An easy way to check this is to enable 'Safe Mode'. This allows the phone to run without interference from the Market/Play applications. I recommend trying it for a few hours to see if the issue persists. If not, then you know it's being caused by an application and you can begin removing any new apps or recently updated apps. If all else fails, a 'Hard Reset' may be necessary to wipe the software clean totally.


                Please advise the outcome of these steps so I and the community can assist further.




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                  i have that problem and others. Im receiving my 4th thats right 4th spectrum since getting the original on 8 feb 2012.  The main problem is the GPS will not connect or take 30 to 40 mins to connect. Sometimes it never connect even after an hour of trying.  Every Spectrum I've had, has done this. I've been to  two different VZ stores they has worked on it and tried a number of things and cant get it to work properly.  I also have the car mode app issue.  Matter  a fact the 3rd replacement would not let me sign in to my google account because of it. I sent it back without even using it.  Ironically, the VZ store manager has a spectrum and it works fines. Im now back to using my HTC Thunderbolt because everything works on it.  I hope they LG/VZ realize the prone has problems and get an update  out. Because i really like the phone.

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                    I have had my Spectrum for roughly two months now, with no problem whatsoever. It's funny that both you and the original poster mention an apps called "car mode." I have looked in my application drawer and can not find such a beast. I went into the market (or whatever it's called now) and searched for "car mode." It came up as a free apps. Since both you and the original poster are having problems, I would recommend deleting "car mode" and see if that helps. If not, you can always reinstall it. I looked at it (didn't download/install it) and it looks like an apps you really don't need. I am fortunate enough to be able to bluetooth my phone to the audio system of my car. But before that, I always used a bluetooth earpiece. The author of this apps admits that he does not like bluetooth. Sounds like he is in the minority.

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                      Hey Mortb,

                      thanks for your reply. but the " car mode" problem happen on a brand new phone that  i was trying to setup after activating.  when trying to input my google account info the new phone would flash different  screens  with the car mode  app flashing in the top left of the notification bar.  After several attempts i  finally got log in to my google account only to not be able to click any apps icons. As  soon as i did the screen would start flashing with different apps. Once again the "steering wheel" icon "car mode" would be flashing in the notification bar.  At this point their were no apps on the phone just the bloat ware that came on it.   I then did a factory reset on the brand new phone and the same thing happen  again.  I took it to a VZ store the next day they finally got it to sign in to my google account. This time when they tap an icon it would flash but very intermittently.   The main problem that i have had with all three phone is the GPS not locking. Every phone  has had this problem.   Do you use GPS? If so how is it working for you does it take a long time to connect?  Any info is appreciated



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                        Yes I do use GSP. I usually go to Settings>Location and tap on all three choices. If you pull down the Notification Bar and tap on their GPS icon on the very top, you usually are given the Standalone GPS Services. Nothing wrong with that, but I like to use all three GPS systems. It usually gets me right on the dot, or pretty close. How long does it take to get it working? Usually about a minute or less. As for "car mode" I do not have that in my apps drawer. I even went into the system manage apps section and could not find it. The only place where I did find it was in the Market, or Play Store, as they call it now. I don't know how you got it into your Spectrum. Personally, I think that is the cause of your problem. In some of the Motorola phones, there is an application called Car Dock which does have a steering wheel as an icon. It is generally used when placing your Droid X, or whatever Droid, into a dock. However, as I said, the LG Spectrum does not have this application. Could it be that you brought it over from a previous (Motorola Droid) cell phone?

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                          I still have an active Motorola Droid X which I use as a second phone. I opened the Car Dock apps and they have a Location section. I tapped on that. It seems to be taking forever. The GPS symbol is just flashing away.  Okay, I closed it and opened up the System>Location and tapped on all three GPS sections and reopened the Car Dock>Location. Nope, It's been over two minutes with no luck using the GPS. Get rid of Car Mode. It isn't worth it. Just go into Settings>Applications>Manage Applications. Scroll down until you find the Car Mode apps. Since it is not officially in your LG Spectrum, you should be able to delete it. It is one of the bloatwares that Motorola/Verizon put into their Droids. It should not be bloatware in your Spectrum.

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