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        stormyrocker wrote:


        rcschnoor wrote:


        Maybe from now on, I will just pick and choose which parts of the contract I want to follow. Hopefully, Verizon will not start doing the same!




        A little off the subject but in reference to your comment about hoping Verizon doesn't start picking and choosing which parts of a contract to follow, what about people who pay for unlimited data on 3g network?  Verizon toggles data speeds (Data Optimization), isn't that an instance of picking and choosing which contractual obligations to abide by?


        If by toggling, you mean that they just cut your cellular data connection COMPLETELY, then I would agree since you are not able to get any more data AT ALL and have therefore REACHED A LIMIT. If you mean they cut your bandwidth but you are still actually receiving data, then no because YOU ARE STILL RECEIVING DATA and will continue to do so with the only limit being the end of your billing cycle.

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          When i ordered my PPC6600 from sprint i already had a data plan from my previous Windows pda / phone.


          I had them put the grandfathered plan onto my ppc6600, 3 weeks later i look at my bill and it was freaking huge. The csr did not put the data plan on the phone, and i had to get the issue escalated many times before i could get it straightened out.


          Sprint treated me like a piece of sh!t like it was my fault..


          Word to the wise.. CSR's do not make much money and cannot be counted on.


          Just make sure to re-follow up after every major transaction and also have them send confirmation emails..

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            Pakmann2k wrote:


            ....Well, as luck would have it, I had a small accident with the RAZR and broke it. Luckily, I could easily have it replaced using my insurance. Within a day or so of receiving my replacement RAZR, I decided to exchange it at Verizon for a Nexus. I promptly returned the broken RAZR after receipt of the new one.....


            ...The moral of the story? Keep track of your shipping labels, don't use the USPA option, go to a FedEx Kinkos and get a receipt. My nightmare would be over if I had done this....

            I agree with the Moral, and would add to be sure to use the EXACT return label they send you.  I've always photo copied the return label (or put it on my scanner)  after I've stuck it on the box so I keep record of the tracking number I've used, and I've always dropped off requesting a receipt, and whenever possible request a delivery signature.  That is your only proof you've sent your return in, and that they've received it.   You never know when you'll need it!!   


            Tip: when you receive a device that includes a return label,  put the label back in the box with ALL paperwork they sent you until you are ready to ship it back out.


            But I have question on the first paragraph that I quoted from your post...   Are you saying you returned the INSURANCE REPLACEMENT Razr under the "Worry Free Guarantee"?   I didn't think you were allowed to use the WFG unless you were returning the original phone and its packaging... (i.e. "numbers matching").   Is my understanding wrong?

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hello Pakmann2k,

              I want to make sure we get this straightened out! First, did you send the insurance replacement phone to Asurion? That is where the device should have been returned to. Where did you see the charge? Was it on your Verizon Wireless bill, or a credit card? Let us know so we can research this further! 

              Thank you,

              Katie H
              VZW Support
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