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    Tech support said I was the only one having issues!




      How can you possibly say no one has complained or had similar issues with this phone when I come to this site to discover that hundreds of people have posted complaints?  I have had major issues with my LG revolution since I have got it and have constantly been told it is a software issue and the next software update will fix it, guess what no software upgrade has ever fixed any issue.  Freezing up, random restarts, never receiving/sending some text messages, claiming it must just be my phone when everyone I know with this phone has issues, short battery life, just to name a few issues and then when I call to say I want a different phone because this phone is not acceptable I receive RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE.


      As my family has been loyal Verizon customers for many years this is blatantly not acceptable.  These are issues I have never had with any other phone from your provider and now all of a sudden this particular phone will not send texts and not receive others intermittently?  This is a service issue and a device issue!  I don't care how you fix it, but I want it fixed!  Before a service rep reply's to this saying "download the newest software as LG has addressed the issues in it", I have and (surprise) it did not fix anything!  As a loyal customer for many years I want a phone that works.  When my alarm doesn't go off because my phone is frozen causing me to miss class or work that's an issue.  Before you tell me well it may just be your individual phone why don't you look through this forum at the number of people that are having the SAME issues on their 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th phones!  I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER LG REVOLUTION I NEED A PHONE THAT IS RELIABLE.  I spent a large amount of money on this phone expecting it to be a reliable cell phone, this is not what I expected.  Every time I have gone to Verizon to get my phone fixed or traded in I am told that they need to see the issue occurring at that exact time, how can I do that when many of the issues are intermittent? 


      With so many people on here having so many issues with this phone how can you simply ignore this problem?  Switch my phone for another phone of equal or lesser value PLEASE I would love to choose something else other than this phone.  If an issue isn't resolved I assure you when my contract is up I will be switching to a different provider causing your company to lose a lot more money in the long run than if you switch out my phone, and as I am sure I'm not the only person thinking this be ready to lose a lot of customers over not resolving an issue with an incompetent phone.

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          so when you called tech support, did you have the time to do any troubleshooting or did you just want a new device out of policy?


          Maybe 100s of people out of thousands are having issues. But lets face it, a majority of android issues are caused by user added applications



          I'm sure if you call tech support and offer to pay for the back and battery for a samsung charge or htc thunderbolt they would swap you out considering all the issues you've had

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            I had the LG revolution loved the phone battery life sucked had to get an extended battery for it, as far as the updates fixing the texting issues sounds like the sim card is no good, as far as it rebooting it happened while i was using the GPS, Music and using voice at the same time the phone would get an little and shut down and reboot. I dont know if you have done an factory reset on the phone give it a try see if that clears up that issue. If not call tech support tell them everything that you have done and swap it out you might have to go though 2 or 3 swaps to get out of the revolution if you keep having the same issue. now dont do it bc you are seeing new phones coming out  and dont want the LG cuz that wont work out for you.

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              When I talked to tech support they had me do a factory rest once and another time they did it at the store still having issues with it.  Might try the seeing if they will switch it out for another phone if i offer to pay thanks.

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                Yeah I've done the factory reset and trust me I just want a phone that works.  I can go through the process of switching out my phone a few times it just seems like a waste of my time and Verizon's money though as I've read in other discussions the issues keep reoccuring.

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                  Hi, I feel your pain I have been through three revolutions all having the same issues. You should call them and ask them to put you in another phone they can put you in a phone that is comparable to the one you have and considering all the problems LG has had I can promise you I"ll never buy another one, I had the Motorola droid before I upgraded to the LG and the thing was a tank I got the very first one my local store had the day they came out I had it until I upgraded to the all new and amazing LG Early last year and beings I was elgible for upgrade I ran down and got it. I have had so many problems with this phone and every time I called tech support they always said there were no other reports about it and mine was the only one. I finally reached my wits end and asked them for a different phone they are sending me the thunderbolt which was the first  4g phone out older than my revolution but yet no bad reviews and almost identical to the LG.  I hope you are able to resolve your problems. 

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                    I did exaclty as VW told me to do regarding this phone.  It locked up, again, I drove to the store and the Manager tells me it is my fault becuase of apps or something I am doing.  VW needs to understand that as a Customer I purchase a product to use.  They advertise them to be used.  I also understand that I am a sucker for staying with VW.  OR it could be the early termination fee that bugs me for a Phone that I can't use.  If there is one App that is a common app that does not work, then all the similiar issues would be an easy fix.  The Manager forgot to ask me about the prior tech support--   this is a phone I have reset 3 times with 2nd tier service.  I have removed every app.. I have installed one app at a time over a period of a month.  The random freezes and lock-ups are never the same.  Today's freeze of the day was the slide lock--no longer worked.  The LG Revolution is the problem.  Now, I try not to make calls on it--so that is does not drop them.   I have removed every app for several weeks and had more lock-ups than if I have apps iinstalled.  The problem with this phone is not the Apps, it has a memory leak, or a design flaw.  I have my calls fowarded to a different phone just so I dont have to have the phone freeze during a conversation. 


                    Today was the last straw--It will be replaced, but not replaced by anything other than a LG Revolution.  This is my 3rd replacement. 


                    If you were lucky to read this post and have an LG Revolution that works--that is wonderful!!

                    For me, this phone has been a reason to leave Verizon.  I just can't believe after following their instructions, I am told it is my fault, and no we will not give you any credit towards a new phone.  I was asking for a$50-100 bucks off a new phone...


                    I pay hundreds of dollars each month for the last 10 years and this is what I get for my money.

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                      dont buy lg with your next carrier, they make cheap devices.. not just phones but tv's too