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        millerk1971 wrote:


        So you are saying if we have INSURANCE on the phone, we can get a different phone? No, that was never  mentioned.  Insurance will replace your current phone with the same or "like" model, but YOU don't decide what a "like" model is, the insurance company does. (i don't want another incredible -that isn't so incredible)  I pay for insurance monthly anyway.  I just did the hard reset and tried to back up all my photos, messages, contacts etc.  Having issues getting the phone set back up with my email and FINDING all my stuff again.  This is not the first time.  I'm tired of this low on space error.  AND I wasn't getting any texts or emails because it said I was low on space.  BUT - couldn't find where I was.  SICK of uninstalling things, erasing, getting rid of stuff every other day.  It's all on my SD card anyway.  I don't understand and it's TOTALLY FRUSTRATING.


        Can  you explain what this special is - what kind of deal did you get on the new phone?  Thanks The deal is being able to add insurance for your current phone even if you opted out and you have passed the 30 day window to add the insurance.  It doesn't mean you get a new phone. And replacement is up to the insurance company (Asurion) , if you make a claim and pay the deductible.

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          As I understand it the replacement phone will be a refurbished phone of the same model. If they don't have any you will get the next model higher. While I did not necessarily want another incredible either the alternative was to continue to try and use a smart phone that couldn't do anything but make calls. Also, I did not pay a deductible for my replacement phone because it was not lost, physically damaged or stolen. When I purchased the insurance it also extended the warranty of my phone (which is 1 1/2 years old). So the replacement was covered under the warranty and not the insurance itself, there was no claim filed.

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            I have been having all of the same issues as all of the people posting on here.  I've been to the Verizon store on numerous occasions to ask for help.  Some of the reps have told me this is a known problem...others are completely clueless and act like I'm making it all up.  I can't believe I've been paying for service that I cannot use since November and Verizon seriously DOES NOT CARE to fix it!!  I am seriously considering switching carriers when my plan is up in August, just to find a carrier with better customer service.  The lack of respect for your customers is appalling.  I have the insurance and was offered another Incredible.  I don't want another phone with the same issues.  I can't understand why I can't just be given my 2 year upgrade a little early to get me out of this piece of garbage phone.  I'm willing to pay the upgrade fee for the phone I want, so it's not like Verizon is losing anything by doing it...and may be losing a customer you've had for a very long time because of your non existant customer service.

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              I have the 4.08 already installed.  I followed your instructions for clearing the cache... but, I still have the error.  Now, I can't even look at my text messages.

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                Here it is the middle of April and I still had 4.06 instead of 4.08... Thanks brooklynotss !!!

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                  Hi Brooklynotss,

                  I have the same phone storage issue and followed your instructions. I have 4.6 and everything was going well during the installation of 4.8  until the phone said "install & rebooting". When it rebooted it told me there was not enough space to install the update and to clear some mail data gmail or yahoo.  But I have more than half of internal storage. I have 407mb left. I don't know what else to do. Thanks.



                  Forgot to add.. I have 6.35gb space left of internal storage and 412mb left of phone memory.

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                    do you use twitter, facebook or any social networking app?  they were what was causing my low memory warning.  I had to clear their data storage.  ymmv.

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                      I followed brooklynotss procedure.  The first time, I did not have enough space to install the 4.08 version of the software update.  I just cleared some cash, deleted some apps, and tried the procedure again.  It took a while for my phone to restart, but at least it worked.  I have been using to phone for about 8 hours, and so far, I have not received the "low storage" message.  I even purposely used Facebook, Google Maps, and my other apps that used to cause the message in an effort to make the phone give me the low storage message, and so far so good.  I hope just hope that this is a permanent fix, and I don't have to resort to a hard reset or <Deleted> my phone. 


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                        >Rooting comment deleted< I did some research on the matter because like you I was not understanding how I could be out of space when there is SO much left on the internal memory.  Apparently, the partition held over for Data used by apps to keep from being 'laggy' is kept in two places data and data/data.  I don't believe we - as in those with non-rooted phones- have direct access to delete files in those directories.  It is the unfortunate reality that many apps -  GMail, Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix included - save massive libraries to those directories which makes that 170MB - yes, ONLY 170 - fill up VERY fast.  So even though we have a total of 8GB on the phone that piddly cache of 170MB can hose us in no time.  >Rooting comment deleted< but so far the amount of control I have over what is on the phone and where it resides is head and shoulders above what I could do before.  Erasing the caches only does so much.  If you have your email through GMail or can sync it to a gmail account so you can use their service I highly recommend it.  It is a great way to back up both personal and business emails in one place and IF you have to delete the data for the app it does not remove your account information because upon setup it became native to the phone;).  Don't use the stock email app if you can help it.  Once I did that I stopped having so many problems with low storage space issues.  That lasted for about 6 months and then it seemed every few days I would have to clear caches, delete data, roll back app updates (because I couldn't delete these data hogging apps).  >Rooting comment deleted<  It was quite an ordeal because I had to roll back the phone to Froyo before >Rooting comment deleted< It is working great so far and with the added benefit of better reception in my house and the speaker which I thought was garbage actually works now.  Go figure.  All this time thinking the phone was a gonner when it was the OS that was holding it back.  Still love Android just not the stock version from VZ and HTC.


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                          I cleared the data for the Mail app and it seemed to work.  However, it required me to reset my mail account settings (which don't work with the default settings (need to change outbound SMTP server and PORT.