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        I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one having these EXACT SAME ISSUES!!! And of course Verizon tells me there is nothing they can do!



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        • 91. Re: LG Revolution - Multiple issues

          Same issues here. Phone resetting, freezing, dying after 4 hours, dropping calls, dropping internet connections. Verizon refuses to exchange the device for something different, they want to keep sending me the same garbage revolution PROBLEM instead of sending me a new phone as the SOLUTION. The customer service is a joke, they told me that they have never heard of anyone having issues with the revo.... o.o .... really verizon? i mean do you guys check your own forum boards? Scroll through the revo board and you'll see nothing but people all having the same issues. OBVIOUSLY this is a garbage phone from the start. Not a defective device. The phone was replaced by the spectrum after only being on the shelf for 6 months, i mean it seems like LG even noticed the phone was garbage.

          • 92. Re: LG Revolution - Multiple issues

            I've had similar issues with the LG Revolution: force closes, multiple freezes, and so forth. Many of the issue began "out of the box" and other after trying to surf the web, use Google nav (refuse to pay for VZ nav which is preloaded and "defaulted" in LG Car mode - installed Google Car Mode like on Motorola - works great, mostly). Also trouble with it finding GPS at times (even at full bars). I hate it, but tolerate it. Customer service kind of made it seem like I'd have to buy a new phone. I wish I had gotten the Thunderbolt or something when I had the chance...


            Stay away from LG Revolution!!!

            • 93. Re: LG Revolution - Multiple issues

              I have had many of the same problems as mentioned in this forum. I've also had the customer service be friendly and professional, but ultimately not be helpful. I get that same statement" First time to hear of these problems"...

              • 94. Re: LG Revolution - Multiple issues

                i just looked and my phone just said there is a software update available so im doing that right now says it will take like ten min.. so after its done we will see if it helped or not....

                • 95. Re: LG Revolution - Multiple issues

                  ok so here is the latest i guess...  my phone just did an update while i was talking to verizon to get something different.. anyways  i got a  android version or  2.3.6 im not sure if thats new or not... and the soft ware version is  VS910ZV8  i belive the version 8 is new...  correct me if im wrong, it won't be the first time.....

                  • 96. Re: LG Revolution - Multiple issues

                    I bought two of these complete piece of **** phones in November of 2011 for my daughters. They are each on their third "factory refurbished" phone and it still randomly shuts down when they are using it. I have given up on Verizon/LG to do the right thing and refund my money. I am in the process of filing a small claims court case against them. I don't know how the outcome will go but I do know that if I paid $300 for any other new product and it was defective I would get my money back or a "new" replacement. What other industry can get away with "bait and switch" tactics and defraud customers without being sued and put out of business? I recommend that every person reading this do the same. Verizon will not do what is right. The customer service tech had the audacity yesterday to tell me that "Verizon is unaware of the problem that you are describing". Really?  I guess they only have this forum for people to vent. They apparently don't read about the **** they are selling us.

                    • 97. Re: LG Revolution - Multiple issues

                      Thanks for that tip. I did it, but didn't really help. Actually, it now seems that my battery drains even faster! I wish I could also remove all of the worthless Verizon bloat ware. As a long time customer, I've been generally satisfied with them. But these outdated, aggressive, and intrusive methods of forcing customers to use or try their mediocre software are starting to put a soar taste in my mouth. For the first time in years, I'm seriously considering switching to another carrier (maybe CREDO?)...


                      If they REALLY wanted to make people use their software products and features, try making something that not only works well, but gives people a chance to remove it if they don't need it. Seriously.


                      A glaring example of customer suffering at a "mutually beneficial business arrangement among companies", the LG Revolution as presented by Verizon (with BING, Netflix, Blockbuster, et. al.) is just too much. If you want people to use your product, MAKE SOMETHING WORTHWHILE and of GOOD QUALITY!


                      I wish I had gotten the HTC Thunderbolt instead...

                      • 98. Re: LG Revolution - Multiple issues

                        so today my phone updates all by itself, couldnt use it for twenty minutes, half my softare is now different, things dont work anymore my screen went to full brightness, had to yank the battery to fix.  My friends phone did the same thing only hers almost melted and now her battery only last 1 hr before complete discharge.

                        HEY VERIZON ***?  Now I find out they installed remote software to access my phone which I cant uninstall.

                        VERIZON = NEXT NETFLIX FAIL

                        • 99. Re: LG Revolution - Multiple issues

                          My phone also updated yesterday (3-22-12) and took approximately 20 minutes, but it seems to have fixed one of my issues (haven't used it enough to tell yet whether it fixed other problems) such as the Internet back button finally only taking me back 1 page.


                          However, I also got the "Verizon Remote Diagnostics" (VRD) software install (so that CS techs can remotely access your phone when you have a problem) and am very concerned. Granted we all realize that the cell phone companies know where we have been through the use of GPS, but this appears to provide them unrestricted access to almost everything on your phone, even though they claim it's just to "check the system" when problems are reported.


                          Although this app is supposedly only initiated when the owner calls customer service and gives permission for techs to access your phone, how do you know once given it doesn't continue to monitor your phone's activities (Carrier IQ style)? If this allows CS techs to browse your phones settings, check the installed apps, monitor your battery usage, etc. how do we know it doesn't also allow them to covertly download photos, emails, etc. (Verizon states the techs can't access these items and we all know Verizon would never lie to us, right?)? I am now wary of using my phone to access certain things and would caution anyone using Internet banking, corporate email, etc. (basically anything you must login to access) via VRD smartphone as I'm not certain this app can't record passwords, access personal information, and if the app doesn't close the remote access properly after techs use it, this could be a goldmine for would-be hackers (as they only have to breach Verizon customer service security to access every VRD phone owners' personal information).


                          For more information on VRD check these out:




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