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        Del3l3ie21 wrote:


        I recently upgraded from the the Droid to the Droid RAZR MAXX, prior to upgrading, I was deciding between that and the Iphone 4s.  When I was at the Verizon store, I asked if my Unlimited Data Package was compatible with the RAZR MAXX and was told it was.  Now unless I am connected to wifi I cannot get on any websites, facebook, etc.  I am also no longer able to send and receive multimedia messages.  Really disappointed and just do not have the energy to call today.  Is this something with the phone, a setup that needs to be done, or is it what I was afraid of, and the Verizon Sales Representative in the store I went to gave me incorrect information as usual??  I am going to be highly p'd off if I'm told I need to purchase a new data plan, because the only reason I chose this phone was because I was told my unlimited data plan would work with this phone.  Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.  After the hassle of dealing with the incompetent sales people in the store and the issues I had trying to get both my phone and my husband's phone upgraded, I'm about ready to say forget it, return both phones and cancel, because I've had enough with the being told something that's incorrect and then having to pay for others mistakes. 

        Go to Menu>Settings>Data Manager. 

        1. Is Data Enabled checked?  It should be.
        2. Is Background Data checked? It should be.
        3. Click on Data Saver - is Data Saver on? I'd turn it off. 
        4. Click on Social Applications.  Is Sync over Wifi only checked?


        Go to Menu>Settings>Accounts

        1. Are all the accounts you want there?
        2. Click on them.  Are they configured the way you want as far as sync, etc.
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          kdubiel wrote:


          My old Droid had data connectivity almost everywhere.  I wouldn't have upgraded if the headphone jack wasn't shot and if I didn't want to be prepared for when 4G is offered in my area (supposedly within one year).  Can anyone here recommend a 4G-capable phone that has been problem-free running on 3G networks?



          The Razr will run just fine on 3G networks. If you don't have or want to run on 4G and only want 3G go to Menu>Settings>Wireless & Network Settings>Mobile networks.  Then click on Network Mode and choose CDMA only. 

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            I've tried both modes, but to no avail.

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              All settings that you listed in your response are configured as you indicate.  All accounts are present and settings are as I would prefer them.  This is what I referred to in my message as "same settings that have been check a dozen times."


              It seems I've done everything with the phone that people have suggested and the issue is not being resolved.  Maybe it's the sim card, but I've heard some people are on their third, fourth, fifth card and are still experiencing issues.  Maybe I bought a lemon?

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                kdubiel wrote:


                I've tried both modes, but to no avail.

                Are you saying your phone won't connect to 3G or 4G?  I would try booting in Safe Mode and seeing if that fixes it.  Your apps won't load but don't worry, they are still there. If that fixes it, it's probably an app that's installed on your phone and you must do some detective work.


                If it doesn't work in Safe Mode do a Factory Reset.  You will lose your data so be sure you have backups of personal stuff but your apps you can reload from the Market.


                If that doesn't work, call or go to Verizon and tell them what you've done and that you still don't have a data connection.

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                  Thank you for the tips. I haven't tried safe mode or factory reset yet. I

                  have 3G when in Verizon network but nothing when in extended network. The

                  only way for me to test these drastic (in my mind) measures is to drive an

                  hour away from my current location.

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                    Okay, well that sounds a little different than what I thought you were saying initially. 


                    If you don't live in an area with 4G coverage I would put the phone in CDMA only mode as it will try to connect to 4G otherwise which might interfere with you getting a 3G signal and will also chew up your battery.


                    I can tell you from what I read that Motorola radios are considered very high quality and my experience supports that.   I live on the edge of Lake Michigan with the closest cell tower to the west about 80 miles away and only one that I'm aware of to the east about 10 miles away.  Not only that, but I'm built into the side of a sand dune so I have very limited/non-existent line of sight coverage.   Before I got the Razr I had coverage maybe 30% of the time and that required leaving my house and going up to the street area.  Now I have it all the time, in my house.  The phone has very good reception.


                    But if 95% of the time you are not in 4G anyways, I would set it to CDMA and leave it.  If you're still having problems I would try Safe Mode or a Factory reset. You can do both of those without having to drive from your current location.  They will either solve the problem or you know you need to talk to a Verizon rep.


                    Good luck.

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                      You Don't want to switching back N fourth that Setting leave it on CDMA/LTE if you haven't done so pull your Sim out for 1 min then re-install it.  Be careful when handling the Sim hold it by it's Edges an if your issues remain Order a new one thru C.S. an have it FedEx to ya. Or stop by your local store a obtain one there. So far with my Maxx i haven't had any issues an i Live in a 3G area an Visit a 4G area an my phone switches with no issues.

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                        I'm not so sure about the Razr.  I just got one and have had multiple issues like the one the OP was describing.  Twice this month I have been unable to access any data at all for a few days.  No 4G, no 3G, nothing.  This is in a major city with nothing that should interfere with the signal.  I believe it is a software issue with the Razr and Razr MAXX.

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                          Pull your Sim out of your Razr with it Off wait about a min. or Two an then re-insert it an see if it does a little better one thing to note do not touch the Gold area of the Sim as it very Sensitive to Static Electricity an Oils from your Fingers. If there is no better response from it have Verizon FedEx out a new Sim or go by your Local store an have give you a new Card. An if you have it done at the Store make sure the Rep does not touch the gold area of your new Sim. Do this before you decide on a replacement phone.