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    Droid 3 No 3G data connection


      Wife and I both upgraded to the Droid 3 on the same day. About one week later I lost my 3G connection for data. WiFi works OK most of the time, but nothing on 3G. Went to the nearest store, and was told it was my phone. the had another one sent to me the next day. That phone has never been able to connect via 3G. Went back to store and this time they told me it was an issue with their towers that started in Chicago and has worked it's way down to us here in central Illinois. I was told it was being worked on and to please give them some time to fix this problem. Well , that was a week ago. Since then I have tried everything listed on these boards and any place else. Still no 3G connection. Oh, wifes phone continues to work great. Help...

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          Sorry to hear about your problem with your Droid 3.  I would try a hard reset on the device and see if you can get things back to working order.  Warning, this will remove all data from your phone.  For more info, see the page here.  Hope this gets you going.




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            Great suggestion StreetDocRN! We appreciate your help.




            I'm always using my phone to connection to the Internet and know how frustrating it can be if it's not working properly. I definitely want to help get this resolved as soon as possible.


            Are you still experiencing this issue? Is the issue with both your and your wife's phone? I've checked and show there are no reported issues with 3G connection in your area.


            Have you had a chance to do the master reset that StreetDocRN recommended? If you have and still have no 3G connection on your devices please let us know so we can further assist you. 


            We're here for you!

            • 3. My son's Droid 3 just lost its connection yesterday >>>

              Sorry to quasi-hijack this thread.  I've seen a number of threads devoted to this topic but none with a solution (short of a hard reset).  My son's Droid 3 stopped being able to connect to data via 3G some time last night.  I tried removing the battery, powering off and on, disabling Juice Defender - nothing works.  I also checked his account online but he's nowhere near his data limit for the month.


              My entire family has Verizon and we all have 3G - except for his Droid 3, all of us are connecting fine (I'm using a Droid Eris, my wife is using a Blackberry Bold).  We're in New York City (primarily on the upper west side).  Short of a hard reset, is there any solution to this?  As I said, I've seen three or four threads here that mention this problem - when does this become a "known issue" that Motorola will start to deal with?  Given the rest of our experience, I assume it's a Moto issue and not a VZW issue.


              Thanks in advance, and best regards.

              Adam F.

              [removed personal information]

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                This has been bothering me so I've got to post:


                On ur phone, goto the phone dialer

                Click: ##PROGRAM using the screen

                Press send key

                Then type spc code of 000000

                Then goto Data Call Settings

                Make sure "data call enabled" is checked.


                This became unchecked for me by switching my mobile phone modes (for example, GSM)...

                Verizon should consider setting this value (always) when phones are programmed, because it currently does not, and makes data unavailable until this is rechecked or the phone is factory reset.




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                  Hi Joe, thanks for the info, I had the same problem and followed your directions and it worked.. Much better than a hard reset.. Thanks again Joe..





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                    Well I just got a replacement phone for my old Droid 3 and this replacement doesnt connect to the internet without wifi and it should have 3G coverage. i have tried a number of things. i have scanned all these posts for an answer the only thing i'm not willing to try is the factory reset because i just went through the trouble of getting all my apps back. Is there anything i could do or should do to fix this problem. i have tried power cycle, battery out, #228#2 and ##PROGRAM. is there anything you can do??

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                      Verizon might be working in your area possibly upgrading it to 4G as there moving a little swiftly in getting more 4G coverage i read in a Article that Verizon is only going to be selling 4G Smartphone devices for the rest of the Quarters of this year. So there Rapping it up a little more. So if a soft reset isn't curing it what i mention might be check with your local Store an if they say the Tech's are not in the Area. I would say try checking your apps put you phone in safe mode if you know how to check if any apps are working against it or try a system cache Clear an as a last resort a F.R. to get that phone back on a factory new setting.

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                        You saved me from a hard reset my friend. Thank you 100 times.



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                          This works!! Thank you very very much


                          my phone has been fine for a year now, and all of a sudden the 3g stopped working for no reason (that I could find at least).

                          Followed your steps, and now its all good!! So tank ya very much, you rule!

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