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    Repeated loss of mobile data plus extreme battery drainage


      I'm losing service about every ten seconds. I'll have full bars on my phone for a second then Verizon starts "searching" for a network again and tells me I have no service. I've tried removing the battery, I've tried stopping all processes on my phone, I've tried a regular restart and flipping on airplane mode. It's been about three hours, I can occasionally receive text messages but never respond to them. My phone constantly keeps telling me that it "cannot send messages at this time" and is constantly searching for signal which I assume is what's draining my battery so severely.


      This is not the first time I've had this problem with this phone, but it lasted for twenty minutes tops the three or four other times it's happened. Someone please help.

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          Good Afternoon Talia Scianna,


          I would definitely be concerned if my device was performing so inconsistently. I have included some recommendations below for your reference.


          • Please ensure you have the most current software, which is: i500.EH03. http://bit.ly/GEHFMg
          • Try running the device in Safe Mode to determine if third party apps may be causing the issues. http://bit.ly/uaN4PO
          • As a last option, if the results are unchanged, please complete a hard reset. http://bit.ly/tC9oiG


          I hope this information has been helpful in resolving your concerns.






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            Thank you for responding! Honestly, I think it might be a Verizon issue... I mean I'm not sure since I'm not an expert, but my dad has a Droid Razor and he had the same problem nearly all day yesterday. I have the most current software update and I haven't downloaded any new applications either, I don't play a lot of games or things like that. I mostly use my phone for texting and contacting people.


            I'm not quite willing to perform a hard reset on my phone though, I'd hate to have to start from scratch with everything I've put on it so far, that sounds dreadful. But, if it persists, I might give it a try. I was just curious to know if perhaps it's a known Verizon issue- since my dad had the same issue yesterday and I've seen a lot of people with the IPhone in these forums complaining of a similar problem.