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    New Windows Phones


      Really hoping that Verizon picks up on their statement for LTE Windows Phones now that two were just announced for their biggest competitor...I have been a perfectly happy Verizon customer for years and am actually considering jumping ship to grab a Nokia Lumia 900 or an HTC Titan 2.  Anyone else in the same boat?

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          You are not alone.  I've been a Verizon Wireless customer for almost 8 years.  I hate AT&T but I am upset with how Verizon fails to keep us up to date with technology and the phones I want.  I feel we are always getting "hand-me downs".  The LTE Nokia 900 is almost everything I want in a phone.  The Trophy is nice, but only due to the OS and a few HTC apps.


          If Verizon fails to come to a solution soon, I will be switching carriers and my 6 lines along with it.

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            Time to go to AT&T

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              I agree. The Windows platform is much more stable then Android. It's ironic that Verizon, the LTE pioneer, didn't release an LTE Windows phone!

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                I started with Verizon with a windows Samsung SPH-i700. I had it for like 5-6 years. Loved it. I tried the Omnia then the Omina 2. My Omnia 2 doesn't work right as the hang up button contact tends to have a intermittend short, so it wants to shut down all the time. So, I resorted back the the Omina. I tried ATT with the Iphone and the one app Iphones doesn't have was "bounce"...I dropped it and it didn't bounce, it smashed. ATT wanted another $400 for a new one as ATT did not have insurance plans back a few years ago when Iphone first came out. It was cheaper for me to pay the fees and come back to Verizon. I visit different Verizon stores and they say the only Windows phone they have is the Trophy but don't have it on display? They say the Windows phones don't sell. WHAT WINDOWS PHONES? How do you buy something you don't see on display, unless you do your research online? I keep getting told how much better the Android phones and Iphones are in these stores... I tell them really?! I want a phone that can handle contacts and calender. Windows is the only OS that I can put a contact's spouse and kid's name under the contact along with many other field of info. Every other OS you have to resort to the "notes" field for additional info. ***? How hard is it to add more fields for more info on a contact? I do not care if these other phones have 1,000,000 apps and can play the latest blah, blah, blah games.... I am sick of the brainwashing out there. Nokia Lumina 900 is the Windows phone to have. WHY WON'T VERIZON CARRY IT!? Do they have deal with Apple that they cannot carry competitive Windows phones?


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                  I completely agree with your post and how Verizon isn't even trying to sell a Windows phone.  There are none on display where I live either.  I found it online.  I had to go to Sprint to play with one.  Then I ran into a couple of people with it who love it.  When I was at the Verizon store asking about it I was immediately dissuaded from even considering the phone, even when I told them I wanted to use the Zune pass function, which is exclusive to Windows (they didn't even know this). 2 different reps, different days.  It's all about Droid or the iPhone.  It was so upsetting b/c they were completely biased and kept trying to sell me on Droid on iPhone features I told them I don't care about!!!  I was more knowledgeable about the phone than they were.  They even made up stuff that wasn't true.  I was shocked.  It wasn't like I was some person who was expecting the phone to be a Droid or iPhone.  So aggravating!

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                    Verizon already said they are not bring any new devices that is not full LTE capable and compatible with their network.  Windows 7.5 framework is patched to make LTE work, but isn't 100% compatible with Verizon's LTE network protocols.  Windows 8 should fix the problem, but Windows 8 isn't released yet.  When it does then you may see more Windows Phone devices.  If you don't want to wait move to a different carrier.  Money speaks a lot more than coming a a customer to customer board complaining about it when there are better venues.

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                      the Lumia's are all LTE devices... Verizon is being paid not to put Windows phones on its networks.  Google kicks back cash and funding... Android commercials... all paybacks and Verizon is playing ball. 

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                        Thumper1305 source? More FUD...

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                          It's really a shame that Verizon won't even disclose what they are waiting for.

                          12 years a Verizon customer. Love the coverage. BUT, I played with Nokia Lumia's at CES and they are fantastic. With outlook as my office mail, I need this phone.

                          But, Verizon remains silent.

                          As another user suggested, I guess I have to switch to AT&T. Shame.

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