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        I went to the store today and they said the warranty is valid for a year since the purchase date.

        They will send me a new one tomorrow and I have to return the old one. I can keep the memory card though.


        Thank you for all the help.

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          i emailed customer service and they told me the same thing, as long as there is no physical or water damage..which there isnt. Im soo glad!! Hopefully it doesnt happen with the new one!!



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            Had same problem not charging.  Under warranty so they sent me a "like new" (reconditioned) phone. Got it yesterday. The reconditioned phone charges but it has a different problem - the power button. It doesn't work without pressing and wiggling it numerous times. Went back to the store. They're sending me another "like new" (reconditioned) phone.  I'll let you know what's wrong with the next one when it arrives





            Received my phone yesterday. Activation and setup was once again easy.  Everything is working.  Customer service has been great and overnight shipping of the replacement phones have arrived on time. 

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              yeah im on my second incredible 2 and the first one had the same issue...starts where it slowly charges...then you gotta hold the charger slightly at an angle to charge it..then it stops working all together. verizon doesnt seem to really care about there customers a lot

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                I am on my third incredible 2 in less than 8 months because the charging port has broken. They told me since my warranty will be up soon I should buy insurance or I can spend an additional $300 to get an early upgrade. My upgrade is also suppose to be in January but somehow it got moved to next November- they also told me to call customer service because they cannot fix that in the store. I also stood in the store for two hours and watched my the guy google how to set up my gmail account. Four hours later and now I am resetting my phone again. They also tried to charge me $600 last time I got a new phone saying I did not send the broken one in- even though I did. I thought Verizon had great customer service but I think they could not have done any less to help me. I pay over $90 a month for your service which I cannot even use because my phone is always broken. ATT??

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                  I had a problem with charging as well.  I took it in and the replacement arrived the next day.  It took me a few days to go through my texts to send the photos to myself so I wouldn't loose them so I go to activate the new phone last night and that didn't work right.  I am hunting and hunting to try and figure out how to get it to activate but can't seem to find anything.  I just don't get how so many companies are making things about making customers do so much for themselves yet still charge us for every little thing.

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                    I'm being sent my 4th Incredible 2 today.  First one received 12/01/2011.  All previous phones had problems with loose charging ports, resulting in battery being charged intermittently or not at all.  The Verizon support specialists with whom I've spoken have all been very helpful and there's been no problem with obtaining a replacement phone.  My question to Verizon would be this:  At what point does Verizon consider the number of replacement phones, all returned for the same reason, to be excessive?  Four Incredible 2's in a little over three months...as a customer, this is excessive and frustrating. 

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                      I am having the same problem. The replacement one from the insurance carrier was defective! I am now on my 4th phone since October 2011 and Verizon doesn't seem to care. Is anyone else having this problem??? I have now spent $300 for insurance deductables and am forced to buy a new phone since the ones they sent me don't work. Seriously dissapointed and think its ridiculous

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                        why is the problem always the apps we are running and not the phone itself I'm going on my THIRD phone now! The second one only lasted a month before it wouldn't charge, VZW needs to push back on HTC and find out what the problem is, or is this just another way to milk more money out of people???

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                          I'm having the EXACT same problem. It looks like I need to go to the Verizon store... *sigh*

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