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    RAZR MAXX Data Issues


      I recently upgraded from the the Droid to the Droid RAZR MAXX, prior to upgrading, I was deciding between that and the Iphone 4s.  When I was at the Verizon store, I asked if my Unlimited Data Package was compatible with the RAZR MAXX and was told it was.  Now unless I am connected to wifi I cannot get on any websites, facebook, etc.  I am also no longer able to send and receive multimedia messages.  Really disappointed and just do not have the energy to call today.  Is this something with the phone, a setup that needs to be done, or is it what I was afraid of, and the Verizon Sales Representative in the store I went to gave me incorrect information as usual??  I am going to be highly p'd off if I'm told I need to purchase a new data plan, because the only reason I chose this phone was because I was told my unlimited data plan would work with this phone.  Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.  After the hassle of dealing with the incompetent sales people in the store and the issues I had trying to get both my phone and my husband's phone upgraded, I'm about ready to say forget it, return both phones and cancel, because I've had enough with the being told something that's incorrect and then having to pay for others mistakes. 

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          Does your MyVerizon account say that your still have the unlimited data plan and all your other features?


          Do you have an active cellular data connection (3G or 4G)?  Can you check the data or power management setting on your phone to see if there is a setting restricting the data to go through the wifi network instead of the cellular data connection?

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            They could got a-hold of a bad Sim Card . Or if was touched in the Gold area of the card it could cause an Irratic behavior from the static Electricity an Oils from the Installers fingers. Might be time to get another Sim Card

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              Thank you everyone for your suggestions.  Been highly aggravated all week, because I love this phone besides that issue.  I noticed earlier in the week when you swipe to the left on the home screen there is an icon that says My Verizon Data and it shows how many MB out of Unlimited and it hadn't changed all week.  For whatever reason I clicked on it for the first time this evening, entered my login info, now my phone seems to be working fine.  Glad I got all aggravated for nothing.  Thanks for your help!  =)

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                It seems that that the simplist of things fix the biggest frustrations we seem to have.   B33

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                  I happen to live in an "extended network" and never had data connection issues with my Droid2.  Now one week with the razr... no data connection.  I've tried to access (or sign in) on the data usage icon you mentioned, but even with wireless on (which is the only way to get data), it says connection error.  i am now one week with no data connection, two different tickets opened, all settings correct on my phone... and verizon telling me "...we're working on it."  next call is to another provider.

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                    What kind of extended network do you live in, barney12? Have you tried turning on the data roaming in the phone?

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                      I've also had a similar problem and am fairly certain it is a phone or SIM card issue.   My previous phone had perfect data connectivity from home.  With the new Droid Razor Maxx I'm going from 4G (about 5% of time) to 3G (about 10% of time) to 1X (about 5% of time) to no signal (80% of time).  This is while I'm sitting right next to my wife with an Iphone who has a very strong 3G signal all of the time, so it cannot be a carrier issue.


                      It seems to me that either the phone data reception is simply lousy, or I have a damaged SIM (will replace and test) or there is a software problem in the phone.  What could be happening is there are 3 competing signals (4G, 3G and 1X) and the phone can not clearly distinguish which is dominant / strongest so it cycles and ends up cutting off all data connectivity.


                      In any event, I hope Verizion does something about this soon - I'm close to returning the phone.

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                        Extended doesn't always mean extended as i have found out here where i live.  On the Verizon Map for the Wichita Ks Area it also shows a 4G extended Area but it's not there if you look at the map it shows the Extended area Coming over To Burton an on K96 almost to Haven but were it Starts an Stops on 96 is just 2 miles West of the Maize Turn Off an a Mile an a Half From Newton on I-135 So you can't always choose a book from it Cover But i guess we can always wish for a little More.


                        @Treat: Make sure when you inter acting with that Sim Card you use caution when handling it.. always hold it by it's Edges an do not touch the Gold Area of it.. as it is Very Sensitive to the Static Electricity & the Oils in your Fingers. 

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                          I'm having similar issues with my Razr.  Upgraded from the original Droid eleven days ago.  I live in Verizon network.  Data (3G) worked for two days then I completely lost data for the next two days.  While data was lost I called tech support and was told it was an issue with the network.  Problem was fixed after two days, or so I thought.  Three days after the "fix" I had to drive into extended network.  I completely lost data connectivity until I re-entered Verizon network.  I called tech support again and wish I could get that thirty minutes of my life back.  Complete waste of time.  This evening I'm going to the store where the phone was purchased in an attempt to find somebody who knows more than how to apply a screen protector and swipe a credit card.


                          I'm guessing they'll check the same phone settings that I've checked a dozen times, try a different sim card, and/or tell me the problem is being worked on and to be patient.  Problem is, I don't have time to be patient.  My fourteen days is almost up on the return policy.


                          My old Droid had data connectivity almost everywhere.  I wouldn't have upgraded if the headphone jack wasn't shot and if I didn't want to be prepared for when 4G is offered in my area (supposedly within one year).  Can anyone here recommend a 4G-capable phone that has been problem-free running on 3G networks?


                          Seems to me that Verizon should test their product a little more before selling it.  I, for one, am not very fond of signing a two-year contract and paying a monthly bill that is excessive for service that is poor.  I'm paying a premium for bottom-shelf quality.  I'm thisclose to jumping ship.  Doesn't appear that I'm alone...

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