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    8107 is coming when?


      Seriously, 8107 has been out for a while.  You also missed putting out 7740. 

      VZW has one WP phone, the trophy.  How hard is it to do your "testing" before you release it?

      So, let's get on with it and get it out.  Unless you really don't want the little fixes that both of these address fixed.

      Maybe that is it, by not allowing the update, you drive people away from WP to either the Iphad or Maldroid.

      That is not going to happen.  What have you found that is causing you to delay?  Really?  Just let us know.

      So like a previous discussion regarding more options for WP phones (and the Trophy is one of your highest rated phones),

      please tell us when we can expect the 8107 update or just say NO, ok?

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