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    Phones that do NOT require Data Plans


      I found an old list of phones (from and older post) that do not require Data Plans, is that still the case with these phones?  I prefer to NOT have to pay a data plan as I have an older plan. 


      • Lg Versa VX9600
      • Lg Env2 VX9100
      • Lg Voyager VX10000
      • Lg Dare VX9700
      • Samsung Alias U740
      • Lg Env VX9900
      • Verizon Wireless Blitz
      • "The V" vx9800
      • Verizon Wireless XV6900
      • Verizon Wireless SMT 5800
      • Moto Q9c
      • Palm Centro
      • Palm Treo

      Verizon Wireless CDM8975 

      LG Accolade™ 

      LG Cosmos™ 

      Pantech Jest™ 

      Samsung Gusto™ 

      Samsung Gusto™ in Purple 

      Verizon Wireless Salute™ 

      Verizon Wireless Escapade® 

      Samsung Haven™ 

      Samsung Intensity™ 

      Samsung Intensity™ II in Metallic Blue 

      Samsung Convoy™ 

      Motorola Barrage™ 

      Motorola Barrage™ Non–Camera 



      I have found some others as well but not sure if the same goes

      Samsung SCH U450

      Samsung Glide SCH U940

      Samsung U820

      LG EnV3 VX9200

      LG Fathom VS750

      LG VX9800


      Thanks Verizon Moderators

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          Env3 requires a data plan. Env Touch does not.

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            From another thread

            lewisr13 wrote:

            Env3 requires a data plan. Env Touch does not.

            Re: What are the Best Non-Smart Phones?

            I have the lg env3 and they have just dropped the 9.99 data package from my phone. Its nice not to have to pay for a data package I have never used!

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              I asked about the Env 3 and they said it needed a data plan

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                Just bought the Env3 off e-bay.  When I called to add phone to replave my old Env, I was initially told I needed a data plan off 9..99 or more...I simply sadi, no I was told I did not.  No data plan forced on me :smileyvery-happy:

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                  Will Verizon answer me whether the older model Samsung SCHi760 with WIFi ( that was given to me from my family for Christmas) can be used without paying for a data plan?I was told that I did not have to pay but need answer from Verizon.  I want to replace my old phone ( that does not have a data plan) with this WIFi phone but I do not want to pay for data plan as I will only use the WI FI when traveling and need to check my email on occasions.  Thank you.

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                    Alot of folks, including myself do not use that data package.  I understand and hope everyone does that if you go over the limited time on these data packages, they start charging you.  ALL phones should not or have to have the data package if we do not use texting, web and so forth.  With the technology today, why can there not be a way to get around excluding this data package and still be able to have the phone that we REALLY WANT??????   The "Basic Phone" that do not require a data package are VERY LIMITED!!!  I believe there is a way such as blocking the data package if not wanted, and still have the phone that I really want. This is just another way to charge everyone for  services they do not want or use.  Come on Verizon, give us a break here.........I understand Verizon wants to line their pockets with all the money they can, but us as consumers, a lot of us do not always have the extra money for the extra features.  These new phones are frustrating enough as it is, such as the battery life!!!!  This is the #1 concern in my opinion. I am going to research other wireless companies and see if they have more phones that do not require that data package, and see if they have a way to block the data package if not wanted.  This should be an interesting research   We pay enough for the packages alone without adding an extra charge, which should be INCLUDED in the package which one purchases!!!!!!  Well, going on my research, so have a good day.  By the way, was reading others opinions and they too DO NOT WANT THE DATA PACKAGE!!!!!  Seems like if we all, as consumers, stand together on this issue may get something done, or maybe Verizon just does care about their customers????????  They are more interested in lining those pockets with more money!!!!!!!  I love the touch phones, and I still have the Chocolate phone which is the BEST phone I have had so far.  It does require the data package, but quit making it.  It is the easiest phone to operate and the battery life is truly unreal.  I only have to charge it about once every week and a half!!!!!  You think maybe that is why they quit making it, because it is such a GOOD PHONE??????

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                      Just out of curiousity, would you be contempt with a 20$ 300mb plan? It was a promo over the holidays. Seems that VZ is set on their current pricing. I believe that a data package like that would entice a lot more customers to upgrade to smartphones and prevent alot of disconnects.


                      I think data packages like that are the best compromise between carriers who want to charge for using a smartphone and those who don't want the data pack.

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                        Another phone that doesnt require a data package that I LOVE is the Motorola KRZR or RZR. (((((((: