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        I can't send a text to one specific person from my iPhone either. We talk everyday and then he stopped receiving my texts. I still get his though. I have tried all the troubleshooting mentioned and called verizon twice. I was hoping it would just resolve itself but its been 8 days and is incredibly frustrating.

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          I've been having the same problem the last few months on my LG Revolution. I ended up noticing that while I was texting certain people it would drop the area code from their number, causing the text to not go through. It would still look like it was sent though (I didn't get an error message or anything.) I'm still not sure why it keeps dropping the area code, but I ended up downloading an app for texting and now it works just fine (through the app I downloaded.)

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            This starting happening to me last night.  I sent a few texts to my best friend . He got only on that i sent at 8pm and after that or since.  He was able to text me once.  I thought it was my Droid 2 since i've been having issues with it and my friend who is also in IT has been saying its time for a new phone.  So i tried everything even to the point of deleting him as contact and factory resetting the phone. Last night i did see that all the messages were still in a PENDING and never got my sent icon.  After i did the reset the messages were stilll pending and then all of a sudden they all sent, or so i thought.  But he had get to receive them.  He wasn't even aware that you could block numbers for text.  I need help cause this issue is going to drive me nuts if i can't talk to my best friend that i text the most

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              I have a Droid 2 and my calls and texts do not go through to one other Verizon wireless caller. The other customer has verified with Verizon that my number is not blocked. My texts show up as sent with no error message. My calls receive a message with "...switch 18-7." My phone shows 3G with full bars. Occasionally a text will get through as I move to different locations. I have called customer service several times and they've been unable to resolve the issue. I see numerous posts regarding the same issue and am hoping someone/anyone can help me. I see that a Verizon rep posting here was able to help others with this problem. Please help I really don't want to change my phone number or carrier.

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                Hi Marquia,

                I am also having this problem, have tried all the aforementioned things and nothing works. Has a resolution been found? Here's my run-down:

                I am having probems sending and receiving text messages from one person only. Neither of us is blocked.  I have a Palm Pre.  Any way that I try to send her a text, it does not work.  If I bring up the contact and touch "SMS," the text messaging app *will not run* like it will when I touch SMS on any other contact.  If I open the texting app and hit new message, i can type in her name and try to send a message, *the message just erases* when I hit the send button.  If I delete her contact and just try to send the text using her number, it does the same thing.  She has tried to send me numerous texts and they go into her sent folder, but I never receive them on my phone.  

                Can you please help?  This is a business partner of mine so it is becoming a big issue.


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                  People settle down.  If you can't send SMS to only one person in your contacts, there is probably a reason.  Look at what is different about that contact compared to people you can send SMS to.


                  Things to look for:

                  Facebook contacts.  FB is a horrible app that screws a lot of things up. FB contacts use the +1 number format for their contacts.  +1xxx-xxx-xxxx.  Many phones cannot send a text to this number format. Some phones work around this (software issue)  If you enter the contacts name in the To: field of a new message, many times you will see two entries for that person mobile xxx-xxx-xxx and mobile +1xxx-xxx-xxxx  Make sure you select the 10 digit number when selecting that contact from the list.   If you press and hold a failed message, then select message details, it will show you the number it was sent to "To: +1xxxxxxxxxx" or "To: xxxxxxxxxx"  Just be wary of this going forward.



                  iPhones... are you sending to this person via iMessage (blue text bubbles) or regular SMS (green text bubbles) ? There have been a lot of reports of iMessage being unreliable.  iMessage goes out over Apple's network and not on the VZW message centers.  If you can't contact jus one of your contacts, and you are using iMessage... try turning it off and sending a message to that contact.  It will try to go out over iMessage at first, but if you press and hold the message, an option to "Send as SMS" will pop-up.  Select that and see if that works.



                  Hope this helps

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                    I am having this same issue and have done everything that you have mentioned on here and it works for a few texts and then stops working again. I have a droid incredible 2 with Verizon and they have an iphone 4 with AT&T. How can I get this fixed?

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                      I am having this same problem with my mother - I've deleted her number from my contacts and tried it that way too.  I can't send her a text and can't receive hers and it just started happening.  Please help!

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                        Unfortunately, i am experiencing the sane problem.  Yried EVERYTHING, to no avail.  This id happening on a brand new Razr max i got.  I am ready to return the phone. What can i do? Please help me.

                        David V.

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                          same thing is happening to me, i need help.

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