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        John Getzke

        Thanks for the link brad311


        Still no announcement from VZW on the outage.

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          philly, PA 4G is still down. have to use 3G connection but it keeps go off and on.


          I noticed 4G up time has incresed to 1 minute and it goes off in last 2 second when green arrow appear.

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            Too bad 4g is still down in Chicago on my Bionic (3g working fine), but @vzwnews said over 3 hours ago, "After a brief issue this morning, 4G LTE service is fully restored."  I'm okay if new technology having occasional issues, but please get your facts straight before stating the issue is resolved.  Grrrrrrrrrr.


            I even tried to power-off and remove battery (has helped me to re-authenticate to LTE in the past), but still only received data over 3g...

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              Very new user on  MiFi 4510L 4G LTE in Mpls MN and not impressed.

              I have great signal and see 3 Mbps up and 8 Mbps down. MAX Never over 3 down.

              Call to tech support says it is what it is. If you do not like it send it back. (not the exact words but how I heard it)

              If I believe the lights and the tech this is 4G?

              Seeing the outage chatter has me wondering am I hitting it on a bad day?

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                @Antivzw did you trying geting in touch with verizon Wireless Loyalty Department There MIDI Tin's Off Of Cellular Tower Radio Signals There Could Have Been Some Towers Down Call The Customer service And Make Them Check the cell towers for outages

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                  @Antivzw If They Don't Fix The Tower's make them credit your bill for lack of 4G Lte

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                    I only hit the 800 number. Forgive my typo as my frustration is high right now. 3 max on the down,  8 on the up. I wish 8 on the down. I will try anything but the tech seemed sure of himself.

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                      @Antivzw. Tip one don't call from your mobile tip 2 the tech people and customer Service rarely care you have to get the right person on the phone you may have to file a complaint they don't care about the customer just that $$$ Try a simple complaint to the FCC tell them your a customer of Verizon and there's an outage on the 4G lte. Towers and they refuse. To send a tech to check the towers

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                        I just talked to CS and they reported that the 4G data has went down in a number of areas and someone is working to get the service restore ASAP. 


                        At the moment I am without any data on my device so having your connection speed is better than some..

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                          Ok, now I added this to favorites so I can check on 4G LTE availability. I was pulling my hair out today on the phone with router tech support (cradlepoint) and trying to figure out why my 4G modem no longer connected. Since my system is only a few weeks old I assumed I had to tweak or fix some configuration that was not handling disconnect / reconnect properly. Now I know to also question the network service itself as well as my own equipment.  So it is back up in Central MA after being out earlier today (Feb 22).