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        Do you have a signature turned on? Is this contact synced through your Gmail account or any social networking sites? If so, make sure contact completely removed in all areas then send a text again. Are you able to call that number? Can they send you messages? Do they receive the message if you reply to their message?




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          No signature.


          It's synced through Facebook and it won't let me delete that.

          I really really don't want un-sync Facebook because thats a really huge hassle for me as thats where I've saved all my contacts


          The messages they send aren't received on my phone but I can see that they messaged me on the online Message Center.


          My message is deleted when I hit send.

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            Paigehagen, I understand how it can be a hassle to re-sync all of your contacts, but it does seem that there may be an issue where the phone is getting an incorrect number from Facebook and that is stopping it from sending the message. If unsyncing Facebook, or temporarily removing that contact from Facebook doesn't resolve the issue, you may need to complete a hard reset.



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              I can't send a text to a single person either. I literally went from having a normal conversation to suddenly not being able to send texts to them nor receiving any. I tried all your steps and they didn't work for me either.

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                I'm still having this problem. It's really not okay.

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                  I need help too. I am having the same problem. My husband can't receive my texts. I have called support twice and it still isn't working. It only works for a little bit right after then it stops. I don't get any error messages and it says that they have been sent but he never receives them. I tried taking his number out of my contacts and deleting my messages from him. It worked once but not again. I don't have a signature and have also tried deleting the messaging caches. I have a LG Revolution and he has a Droid 2.

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                    Hello summer182,


                    I understand how frustrating this issue can be. Can you please send me a direct message with your name, mobile number and the mobile numbers you are having the issue with so I can assist you. 



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                      I'm having the same issue although I'm not sure how I send you a message directly.

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                        My texting works perfectly (sending and recieving) for every person but my boyfriend. Texting him worked perfectly as well until this past Sunday. He has a plan with AT&T. I can get messages from him and call him with no problem, but when I text him back, he never recieves it. I requested a delivery report for my texts and it says that the status is pending (only for him). I have deleted all the messaging threads and him as a contact but it still doesn't work. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

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                          First off, I'm so glad I'm not the only one this is happening to because I was beginning to think it was just my phone messing up when I just got the iPhone 4 in December. My texting has been working perfectly to everyone else (on any other network) except one person, who I talk to on a regular basis several texts a day and is on AT&T. I just recently started having the problem where he was not getting my texts, but I have been receiving his just fine. This problem is EXTREMELY frustrating and I've tried to add a 1 before his phone number, I've reset my network settings and it still seems like we are having this problem.. Any help on this issue would be extremely appreciated!!

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