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        I have a Dreoid 3, got it in Sept 2011, just this past week or so my phone is doing random reboots.  It could just be sitting in the desk or I could be in the middle of a call/text.  This is becoming increasingly annoying.  The original post was in August, it is now February...6 months...where's the update to fix this?  Any new suggestions?  I do not want to have to take the phone back, only to get another one that does the same thing!

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          Is there a firmware update for this nonsense yet?

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            I went to a store and they said droids occasionaly do re-starts on their own when they get older. No help there.

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              Thx for the tips.  But, I have done a factory reset after being so frustuated with this issue that I wanted to throw the phone at a wall.  (I didn't)  The main reason being, I had the Droid 3 for, 3 or 4 months with no issues at all, then the latest update was pushed to us and the problems started.  And not only with my Droid 3.  I have 2 employees that have Droid 2's that were stable as well until the update.  They started this same restarting issue.  Sometimes it restarts so many times that it kills the battery within 3 hours of coming off the charger.

              If it is an issue with a third party app., why did the problem not start until after the update with all the same apps on the phone?

              I really like my Droid 3 but this is getting old.  It took me 4 hours of my day to do the reset, and get all of my 4 business email accts. and texts first backed up then re-installed.  along with all of the settings that needed to be reset and all of my custom ringtones and sounds.  I have a Droid because I'm not a robot falling inline with the I phone (smart phones for dummies) crowd.


              Please help me fix this issue soon.




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                I've had a Droid 3 since Sept...with no issues except I could not change the email account.  The service center reset my phone 2 weeks ago.  Everything was working fine until last night.  I picked up the phone to plug in the charger and noticed it phone was not responding to pushing in the on/off button to see how much battery life I remained on the phone.  I tried to open/close the keyboard, push the on/off button..no response.  Took out the battery, put it back in..no response.  I am without a cell phone.  Any suggestions?  

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                  I have this happen at random times, but it seems to happen more consistently whenever I have my Droid 3 in the car dock and using it to navigate.

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                    Verizon posted this response to this issue in September 2011: "I apologize for the issue on some of the Droid 3 devices powering on randomly. This is a known issue being worked on diligently with Motorola for a requested solution. Your patience is being asked for as this matter is being addressed. As soon as a solution is provided, we will pass it along to our customers. "


                    Ok, it has been 6+ months since this "known problem" has been "worked on diligently" ..so where is the solution? yesterday, my 4th replacement phone powered off 11 times. WiFi is turned off, and there are no saved WiFi locations. There are no apps on the phone other than those pre-installed by Verizon or Motorola, the software is the latest release, and yet it still reboots over and over. It is obvious there is an issue with this phone, and it is obvious that many people have it and have complained, so where is the solution? And when is it coming? The Droid 4 is already out, and this issue has yet to be fixed on the Droid 3. Does Verizon seriously think we have just forgotten that our phones aren't working properly?

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                      Yes, I have been through 4 droid 3 phones with the same problem now and verizon will not do anything but send me their certified like new pieces of ****! The second one I got  wouldn't even stay on for more than 5 minutes w/o it shutting off! You know wht Verizon tells me? It is not know to be a problem with these phones!

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                        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                        Hello Davey690!

                        Thank you so much for your post. The Droid 3 has a software update being developed in order to resolve this issue. If the replacement phone is unuseable, we would be able to replace the device in the meantime. You can contact us here, by dialing 800-933-0204, or contacting us on Twitter @VZWSupport. Our website will be updated when the software is available.

                        Here is a link to the device update page: http://support.verizonwireless.com/system_update/droid3.html

                        Thank you for your patience!

                        Katie H
                        VZW Support
                        Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport

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                          To Katie H

                          VZW Support,


                          The response "The Droid 3 has a software update being developed in order to resolve this issue." is virtually the same response we received in Sept 2011, 7 months ago.


                          Sending us another "refurbished" phone with the same software/firmware/hardware problem is NOT the way to fix this problem. If Verizon/Motorola has not yet developed a fix for the existing problem, how can you think sending us another phone will fix it? Throwing "refurbished" phones at the problem will NOT make it go away.


                          Linking the Device Update page to your response was a waste of time, since there's nothing new there.


                          It is painfully obvious that Verizon/Motorola is doing NOTHING about this problem other than giving us all Lip Service.


                          Please have you supervisor's supervisor, someone who can speak for Verizon Management, contact me.

                          My contact information is contained on your site.

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