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        Yeah i understand what you are saying, and i am appreciating the feedback. i mean i can live with a few defects here and there...

        Phones dropping 4G data is understood since it's new technology, but 3G i expect to stay locked on if im in one spot. A dropped call every now and then is understood, but im not gonna tolerate it on almost every call. And probably the worst of em all is the lag and black screen. notice how every phone after the charge came with dual core and double the ram. most likely because previous phones were not able to handle multiple apps? idk.

        And ive been with verizon for several years. ive had 2 previous phones from them before the charge. they both had problems, but not in every feature. i was able to tolerate them.

        But if the texting, data, gps wifi, phone calls are all going to randomly fail on me, wht am i supposed to do with this device?

        if the 2 updates i received in 8 months of owning this phone had fixed atleast half of those problems....i honestly wouldve been satisfied and tolerated the rest.

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          can you confirm what software version you have? 2.2 vs 2.3.6 (the latest GB).


          GB suppossedly fixed all of that except for the led flash indicator.  i'm glad my Charge does not have that, as it would get annoying.


          but keep in mind your singal could be related to your area and that closest tower - so really any VZW phone would have connectivity issues.


          but certainly take it in and ask for another one.

          good luck.

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            Yeah i have the 2.3.6 version. I downloaded that update as soon as it was available for my phone.

            Most of the problems with the charge are because of its outdated hardware; The lag when web browsing and black screens after exiting a game are mostly a result of the phone not being able to handle it. I have a game called Asphalt 6 Adrenaline by Gameloft and half of the time after i exit the game it goes black.

            As for the Data, it drops randomly no matter where i am. And the Gps has a lot of trouble locking onto where i am.

            Web browsing on sites with lots of flash cant be used without disabling java and plugins or else u get tht checkerboard lag.

            i will say...that the gingerbread update did give my apps access to 45mb more of ram (328 to 373).

            It made the phone a little bit faster, but not much.


            im glad to hear ur phone is working well though. idk why most of us other charge owners r having the same issues.

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              Well finally someone who seems to understand this device's issues.

              Are you also a Droid Charge owner?

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                This is just a opinion but from what I figured out is that all devices seem to work our better for some than others so you have to not make a quick decision and your decision is what will work with you because you are locked into the device for 2 years..


                One of the main issues is users make impulse choices, the charge had some good features but the device had issue reported from the get go so this should have been something that should be concidered,


                Now as for the outdated hardware... If you looked in the device with more memory or a dual core processor the prices for all of them would have been comparable any it was your decision to pick the device that you decided on so its kind of hard to blame anyone but your self on this decision.


                As for the Wifi, 3G, 4G and GPS.....   All of these items all share the same radio software and it simply sounds like the device simply has a poor pick of radio drives for the device and also this is a common issue with Samsung devices so once again this was something that could have resolved with a bit of research.


                I would go for a replacement device and see if that resolves your issue because maybe you are having some hardware issues..


                Also try booting into Safe Mode and see if it works any better for you...

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                  1st of all, *research* is exactly what i did. Phonearena, Cnet, Endgadget and other sites reviews were wht i took into consideration.. The thunderbolt , revolution and htc trophy were all 4G and cheaper compared to the charge. Those 3 phones all had issues reported as well. Thunderbolt and revolution's battery life was weaker and the trophy had windows os, which i didnt want. The charge was the best and most expensive at the time and i expected the phones functionality to live up to its price tag.


                  2nd of all...reviewers like Cnet, Endgadget and Phonearena base their reviews on a simple level and show off the features on their review videos. They can never tell whts deeply wrong with a like an actual owner who has been using his/her phone for several weeks to months.


                  And finally, it is not my job to do this *deep research* in the first place. it is Samsung and verizons job to test their devices nd make sure they function correctly and satisfy the customer. My job is to spend the money on a device that has features which interest me. It is their job to make those features functional. They should know that their customer will be tied down for 2 years and should sell them a reliable product. if they accidentally release a defective product..they should take it off their shelves nd atleast let customers pay contract price for a different model.


                  So i dont see how the customer can be blamed here. Our job is to spend the money. Their job is to give us a functioning product that we paid for.

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                    Forgive me if you took my post as a jab at you because it was not intended that way, I am simply reporting the results that I turned up when I was investigation devices for my upgrade...  When I spoke of comparing the devices I was speaking of the ones you spoke of in your OP...


                    I have learned that not all devices are for everyone, there was a number of bad reviews about the Thunderbolt but I have the device and I love it and cant report the number of problems that was reported.


                    What I was point out about research was more along the line of understanding what you are purchasing other wise you would be stepping int the situation blindsided, I am sure you would not walk into a car dealer and get a vehicle without asking some question and understanding what you are buying, you should do this with everything to avoid you being upset and feeling taking advantage of.


                    Final, I respect all the sites you spoke about for reviews but end the end, what works for them dont always work for you because it is not like there is a market with thousands of apps that you can install on your device and they tested all those as well.....  The largest know issues for devices usually come from a stray application or a simple item being changed that the device doesn't like..


                    The electronic game isn't perfect and their is no way to predict all issues and it just amaze me that users always blame the device before verifying...  Not saying its your case but it does happen a lot...

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                      Want to know something funny? I just bought a Charge for $50 because this guy hated his phone so much... I have had it for 4 days... Not one of the problems has arised yet he was complaining about. I still have not passed judgement yet about the phone. 3 of my coworkers have not complained about theirs yet and have had them since release.

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                        Actually Tidbit I bought a Charge off Craiglist for about 50.00 also and I used it to test some software that I was beta testing and I thought the devices wasn't that bad of a device but I did have to do a number of battery pulled after I installed some the apps that I use regularly..   This is one of the reason I really seeing a stray app causing the issues.


                        I also did the "R" word to it and tested out a few custom roms and I still had issues with the device after I loaded apps onto the device, when the device was clean and still stock the device worked flawless.....  For some reason the software hogged resources with some apps placed on the device.


                        Oh and the craziest part, I ended up keeping the device as a spare because I could not get anyone to bit on buying it for what I paid for it..  Those devices has been going cheap for a reason..