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        djcorbijn uh... You still sign a contract for those. They just give fancier names like Mortgage... They are binding contracts.

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          You asked for a specific example and I gave you one, don't take it personal, that's another thinking error. There are other cell phone companies that don't require deposits or credit checks as well. I should have gone with them but I was trying to take advantage of Verizon's friends and family deal, something they also manipulate. It's also odd that I can get not only a car but an advance for it on the same credit score that Verizon considers a risk. That only proves Verizon gouges certain customers.

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            Pray tell, how does VZW manipulate F&F??? 

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              When I first signed up for Verizon years ago when my ex worked at Verizon, anyone else who used Verizon wasn't included into your minutes and it was part of my contract. Verizon changed this to only include select Verizon customers and still add into my minutes when I speak to people who are on my friends and family. Somehow, this negated the original contract I signed and only found out when my minutes were eaten up by others using Verizon. They changed the contract without any consent or info given to customers, that is manipulation. Just like how Verizon just got in massive trouble by charging a fee to customers who payed their bills online without notifying them.

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                Gotta say, you must be the only one that is happening to. On the bill a F&F call will show PEAK minutes used and total number of minutes of the call but also F&F is next to it. If you total your minutes, you will see F&F calls do not use minutes.


                Because of F&F, I use about 40 minutes of my 500 minute plan. The other minutes all fall under F&F or nights and weekends or other VZW subs.

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                  You know what? I'm done with this blog. Obviously I've stepped into an arena of experts and people who for some reason find amusement in trying to get a rise out of people who have issues with Verizon and are just speaking their peace. These blogs are chock full of complaints from customers. I'm sure Verizon loves it when customers go to bat to defend them. You all can have your little bubble universe and have fun running it. Like I've stated before, I wouldn't doubt that Verizon is moonlighting on here as normal everyday citizens who bathe in the light of their greatness. If Verizon were as great as they are given credit for on here, they wouldn't have so many problems with lawsuits and people begging the government to instill some form of regulation with them.

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                    Ya know why there are complaints??? It is the nature of the beast. People will come here to complain.......... But for every complaint there are thousands of happy, satisfied customers, who have no idea this forum even exists. Believe it or not,everyone on here are not complainers, but we try to explain what may be happening......if the poster is willing to listen.


                    Why you want to leave after I explain how F&F works, sounds like someone who doesn't like how the game is played (didn't like the answer) and is taking their ball and bat and going home. So be it


                    Forgot to add, no moonlighting. I do not work for VZW.

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                      I haven't gone off yet because I'm in the process of signing out but I noticed the post. First off. this isn't "a game". I have a legitimate issue with Verizon, I'm not <word filter> for the sake of <word filter>. If you think this is a game, wow! Why anyone would want to basically work for their cell phone provider bafles me. Especially when it comes to something they probably know nothing about, billing and technical issues unless they are somehow actually working for Verizon? If you want to do this, more power to you. Walmart probably needs free greeters as well.


                      Chasing the CS department with Verizon is probably more effective than being here and that's good enough of a reason to leave this useless thing. I've been sucked into a stupid and pointless argument and have better things to do with my time.


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                        djcorbijn wrote:


                        I haven't gone off yet because I'm in the process of signing out but I noticed the post. First off. this isn't "a game".

                        Should I even attempt to explain what an analogy is???? nah

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                          Probably not, it's more of a metaphor.