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      • 630. contrary to news about service being restored!

        Here in phoenix arizona with Samsung Droid Charge


        - No 4G since Dec. 28th

        - Had 3G on the 28th and now on the 29th, no 3G either


        contrary to what verizon is saying on the new that their 3G network is working, how and where?


        i have restarted the phone, had support switch to 3G, worked for few hours yesterday and today it's dead . So no data whatsoever


        The best part is, I am walking around the office asking co-workers if they have 3G service and they say yes and when i ask them who's you carrier they say "ATA&T"


        so Verizon, you are really really doing a great job at competing to be number 2 if not 3 or 4, way to go


        you well know that your silence will catch up to you either way, look around. When Apple has a problem, all the news outlets jump on them and Apple goes out of its way to make customers happy. Here, when Verizon shuts down their 4G and 3G, the news doesn't say much because verizon doesn't tell the facts and what's really happening, leaving people like myself banging their head against the wall for an answer on a forum that verizon doesn't even look at or ignores at best.

        • 631. Re: 4G Service - Still Out Across the Nation?

          Just an update from earlier today.  After resetting my phone I had 3G coverage until about 90 minutes ago when I was taking a nap on my lunch break and didn't use my phone for 40 minutes or so... now I have no data access yet again, been waiting about 20 minutes and I have gone in / out of airplane mode, restarted the phone, removed battery & sim, all the usual steps, and I still have no data access.

          • 632. Re: contrary to news about service being restored!

            4G and 3G on the Bionic out in Michigan still. 3G came on late yesterday but it all went out again this afternoon (12-29)


            What kind of company is this???

            • 633. Re: 4G Service - Still Out Across the Nation?

              What bothers me the most is the Customer Service is no help! They say there is no outage in my area... and want me to call tech support and go through a million lame things all to no avail. Just ADMIT THERE IS A PROBLEM! Stop wasting our time. I don't have time to keep calling YOU to say there is still a problem!?

              • 634. Re: 4G Service - Still Out Across the Nation?

                I know what you mean, it is very frustrating.  I would just like to know if this is an issue with my device or an issue with the network.  If it is a network issue then taking the phone back to Costco and getting another one wouldn't accomplish anything.  With so many other people having similar issues with various devices I'm not sure that my phone is the problem.  My phone does some odd things that makes me think the device may have something to do with it.  The data connection seems to go away if I don't use the phone for 30 minutes or so, and it won't come back when I use the phone like I would think it should.  When I don't have data access and I try to turn airplane mode on, it won't do it... it will just sit there and say "disabling all wireless connections" but nothing will happen and then the screen shut off, and when it comes back up airplane mode will be off still, but if I click it goes instantly into airplane mode...


                And on several occasions the phone has booted up and been in airplane mode even though I didn't put it into airplane mode before shutting it off.


                This seems like a device issue to me does anyone else have experience with this issue? 


                When I bought the phones from Costco they set them up and put them back in the box and then we had to go to the register, pay for them, and one of the associates went back to the kiosk and picked up our phones and brought them to the register; so I didn't get to use the phone until I got home and unboxed it at which time the phone booted up in airplane mode which I thought was strange... how could it activate in airplane mode?  Then the phone wouldn't come out of airplane mode so I turned it off and back on and it was still in airplane mode but I could turn it off.  I waited a good 20 minutes or so and no data access came up so I couldn't associate my gmail account or anything (all the while my wife is downloading every app known to man on her identical phone that DID have data access) so I proceeded to do the offbattsim dance which didn't work so I called customer service, who had me repeat the offbatsim dance and then transfer me to someone else who had me do the offbatsim dance and magically the data came on this time...


                It worked fine, then turned it off for the night and got up the next morning, turned it on... booted up in airplane mode again and had no data access...

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                  3g and 4g down in Washington, DC again... Fourth time this week....
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                    From Bakersfield, CA.  Bought three Samsung Droid Charge 4G LTE phones.  Very excited to go 4G.  I am a long time Verizon customer and have never had a problem like this.  We have 3 4G phones on my plan and since Monday, we do not have 3G or 4G service.  It is not the phones, it is a nationwide problem and Verizon needs to fix this fast.  Tried all the known tricks to get the phone to connect to the internet to include taking the battery and SIM card out, airplane mode and changing the network system selection to CDMA mode only.  Nothing works on any of the three phones.  Verizon, please acknowledge you have a problem and fix it quickly because no I cannot hear you now and at this point you are not the most reliable network in the country.

                    • 637. Re: 4G Service - Still Out Across the Nation?

                      What is with this ******** 4g lte? The tech support and online people claim it is just my phone not connecting. I turned off, turned on. I pulled the battery, sim and sd card. Nothing! I even restored my phone twice and nothing! This so called AMERICA'S BEST SERVICE is a load of serious ****! Verizon I can honestly say, you completely suck at customer service. If you spent as much money on advertising your **** phones and you would have good service and actually know how to fix this **** problem. I just got on the phone with support and they told me there is no outage's... im sorry but everyone is having no luck with their phones! I'm going to take a wild guess and say that not everyone one of the phones these people are the exact same thing, just a stab. I am done with this ******** company, service department and rep's. I hear nothing but the same **** every time.

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                        All data lost AGAIN in Los Angeles area.  Had it this morning when I woke up, now its been down for about the last 2 hours.  Seriously Verizon, what is going on?!

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                          Colleen Trahan

                          I'm in Texas, got my Droid Razr on the 21st and haven't been able to use it except with WIFI ever since I got it. Every now and then, the service comes on for a minute or two, but then, nothing. I'm soooo ready to change to another company. I commute for an hour to work and back and I need my phone incase of an emergency...so what now, Verizon?! Do we just wait for something bad to happen and have to sue you in order for you to realize this sucks?! C'mon!

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