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    3rd LTE outage, NO PHONE SERVICE, $50 bill credit


       "The network itself continues to operate and all customers continue to be able to make calls, send text messages and utilize data services. 3G devices are operating normally."


      ~ Verizon, Re: the ongoing 4g outage.  


      This is NOT an accurate statement, and Verizon should correct it.



      Just purchased a GN to replace my Droid Charge, which stopped receiving text messages. At the VZW store, the Verizon rep told me "it may take a half hour to activate due to the 4g outage." I waited 2 hours in the store, before I had to leave for my work appointment, assured that the phone would activate shortly. Well, 4 hours later, I still can't activate it, and because the rep deactivated my Droid Charge, I can't reactivate that either!!! I now have no phone service whatsoever. The only outgoing call I can place is to Verizon, who put me on hold for 45 minutes, before I finally got the rep to give me a lousy $50 credit. This is the third time 4g has gone out this month in Los Angeles, and now to be without ANY phone service or internet is just unacceptable. Don't understand why the rep deactivated my Droid Charge knowing that a network outage would mean I couldn't activate either phone.


      Verizon CS, if you're reading this, you should be offering a bigger refund for my inconvenience.  2 hours of my time in a Verizon store plus an entire day without phone service (for the 3rd time) is worth more than a $50 phone credit.  I've been a customer for 12 years, and I'm frustrated that I literally just renewed my contract today, only to get no service whatsoever. What am I supposed to do in the event of an emergency?  



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          I am in the same situation! No phone service whatsoever due to upgrading during this outage! No calls,text and NO Data! This is not going to work for me.. I am pisssssed.
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            Interesting verbiage here: " 3G devices are operating normally.". I guess they wanted to give the impression that 3G was not affected without saying exactly that. What would have been more honest would have been to say 3G-only devices are unaffected (assuming even that was the truth). They did not want to say that 3G  was also out (at least part of the time) on 4G devices.  They wanted the uninitiated to think  that 3G was fine across the country on all devices LOL!

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              same here... new contract... new razr....   no service..... and none to the old droid either.... unbelievable

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                In the event of an emergency, since you can call 611, 911 would work also.

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                  I'm in the exact same situation... Upgraded from Droid 1 today, attempted to activate and I get a message that the phone is unable to activate, retry or contact customer support.  Of course I attempted to retry several times, no luck.  I activated the phone online, which deactivated my Droid 1.  Website still shows my Droid 1 as active.  When new phone would not activate I attempted to turn Droid 1 back on since the website showed it still active.  Of course when I attempted to make a call it said the Droid 1 is not active.  Checked google for news and see there is a service outage....


                  This led me to call customer service, and attempting to work my way through the official automated menu, it finally tells me that it will transfer me.  When it did it told me that the verizon number I was attempting to reach was unavailable, and advised I called the customer support number (same number I just dialed).  Tried again, worked my way through different automated menu options, this time trying the tech support route for phones.  Again it attempted to transfer and I get same message "this verizon number is no longer available, please call customer support."  I hung up again, called back this time I tried the old method of just hitting 0 repeatedly 000000000000000000000000. Until it contacted me to customer support.  Finally got customer service on the phone and they advise me of the outage.  I was told it may be back up by 11 PM EST.  I was told it was a service interruption and that no 4g phones could be activated.  I Asked her if I could use my old phone, and she said she would check.  She said unfortunately my phone (or service?) was "stuck" in "switch" and she could not rectify the situation.  This left me without any service at all.  I was not offered any credits or anything, all i was offered was an apology.

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                    SO why do I pay $90 per month and cannot even use the phone as intended? I can understand outages and tech issues but come on, Verizon is one of the largest wireless phone companies on the globe.

                    Where do I get my refund??

                    I cannot even call?

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                      I would like to point out that I took the time to sign up for this Verizon community JUST TO COMPLAIN.  I mean what are the chances that TONIGHT is the night I finally get rid of my AWFUL Storm 2 which is easiy the worst phone any company has ever had the privlage to release.  I should have left Verizon just due to the mere fact that they would release a product like that - but here I go I've been a customer for well over 15 years and yes tonight I upgrade to a brand new glorious 4G Razr (since the commercials are on every 15 seconds).  And unfortunatley I guess for us - misery does love company because honestly at least I' not the only one going through this ... only difference - I actually was kicked OUT of the store after they deactivated my OLD phone - leaving me with NO phone - and two unworking ones.


                      And now of course customer services closes at 11pm - and there is absolutley no information when this may rectify itself.


                      So thank you for your story - clearly you are not alone.  Good luck - 

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                        THANKS VERIZON!!! I got my Bionic 2 days befor the last outage. Went through and reset  EVERYTHING because you know that's what tech support tells you to do usually and about an hour later found out about the outage.  At least I didn't do it this time.  I need my data to function or I loose money, THANKS AGAIN VERIZON!!!!


                        JUST VENTING

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                          brand new nexus sitting here since this afternoon... 12:30 in NY still no word on when i might be able to get it going, or restore data service to my incredible which has been off since rep tried to activate nexus... what a mess, and verizon offered me nothing... Bah Humbug!

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