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    thinking of getting ipad2, but concerned about recent ipad2 potential ban for patent infringment


      Personally, I'm happy with my 64gb Moto Xoom 4g lte, but my wife on the otherhand is about as computer illiterate as they come, so i want to get her a tablet that's as simplistic/basic as they come...so I'm thinking ipad2 wifi (she can use my Xoom's 4g lte hotspot to connect her ipad2 when needed)

      I am concerned though that the ipad/pad2 has recently been found to violate critical patents, and is on the verge of being banned in Europe, and possibly elsewhere.
      Should I get an ipad2, that may soon be banned or not? I would get her an android tablet, but Im thinking the learning curve may be too much for her. she needs a dumbed down tablet.