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    NFL Mobile on iPad


      Installed the NFL Mobile app this morning, the only requirement that I understand is that I am a verizon customer.  The application was able to authorize me as a Verizon customer, however, gives me an error message when I select any content.


      The Account Owner has blocked this phone from accessing V CAST. Please ask the Account Owner to either visit My Verizon or call *611 to remove the block.

      Obviously, because I am an iPad 2 customer, I can't perform either of these options.




      Picture linked shows NFL Mobile error message and Verizon 3G status.


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          Gathering some info for myself.  


          In the news this week: Verizon NFL Mobile will be streaming the Super Bowl !



          Verizon smartphones with a high-speed 4G LTE data plan can stream the games through the NFL Mobile app for free, a spokeswoman for the carrier said. Mobile devices with 3G service, such as the iPhone, iPad or older smartphones, require a $10-per-month Verizon Video subscription



          First hand research: iPad is classified as a pre-paid device.  Is not capable of using My Verizon or signing up for V CAST.  Then why taunt me with the app, :smileysad:  There must be a way to sign up for V CAST.



          Some more info from another thread, re-iterating what I already know.



          When downloading NFL Mobile application fees apply differently depending on current promotions and mobile device type.·          All phones receive Basic Features at no additional cost·          4G devices receive Premium Features at no additional cost for 2011 Season (promotional)·          Effective 10/01/2011, NFL Mobile requires $10 Verizon Video/V CAST Video subscription for users with 3G devices·          Data usage is incurred while using NFL Mobile application and charged per the customer's data package ....3G customers accessing NFL Mobile video content without a Verizon Video/V CAST Video subscription will see the option to self-provision Verizon Video/V CAST Video for $10 per month to receive the NFL Premium app....


          Again, another nail saying that prepaid devices cannot access V CAST Video services.



          Is V CAST available to prepaid subscribers?V CAST Music devices and services are currently available to prepaid customers... ...V CAST Videos service is not available to prepaid customers at this time. Usage and download megabyte charges apply.


          Hi square one, how you been?  I am not giving up, I am just deeply dissapointed and discouraged.



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            I did find one article that printed a correction.

            Update: As commenters have pointed out, this is for iPhone users on Verizon ONLY. Pity.