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        I am so confused how this got a "solved." Taking out the battery every time you need to answer the phone or make a call is hardly a solution. My problem is similar, no one can hear me. It works if I turn it on speaker phone but that doesn't exactly count as a solution. I have had this phone for a little under a year but just started having this problem within the last few weeks. HOW ANNOYING!!!!! What good is a phone that you can't talk on!?! I took it in and they took out the battery, yada yada, checked the microphone it was fine so they ended up just doing a hard reset. Worked for about an hour and now I am right back to where I started. I'll never buy a motorola phone again! After reading this thread it doesn't even sound like there is a point in getting a refurbished one if it will have the same problems. I'm not so sure about this whole gingerbread update but if that is the problem I really hope they get it figured out soon. I'm so frusterated and it looks like many others are as well. I hope they figure this out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          These steps work fine and dandy for maybe 2 or 3 days, but then it is right back to the way it is.  This phone is horrible.  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

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            This is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!   I buy 1 droid, the stupid phone reboots...losing contacts and then mixing up contacts with different phone numbers.  I'm on my 2nd phone and a software update.  This phone reboots during conversations, randomly calls people while it's charging and now I cannot hear people when they call or when I call them. 


            I've been a customer of verizon wireless for 12 years....I cannot believe they can sell these phones with so many issues!!!!  If they don't help me, I may move to ATT! 

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              happens to my phone as well as many other problems.  Droid 2 global should be retired and purchase price refunded.

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                I also have had the problem where I can not hear the caller on my Droid 2 Global. Verizon needs to acknowledge that this is a defect and either fix the problem or give a refund or a different phone that works.

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                  My dtr and I both have the Motorola Droid 2 Global White. Purchased (paying waaay too much) in January 2011. From the moment we got them we hated them. It has been nothing but problems since day 1. The rebooting, the not being able to make or receive phone calls, not holding a charge...the complaints are endless. I got mine exchanged in January cuz it was still under warranty, I was too stupid to exchange my dtrs at the same time, hers is worse than mine. Now we are stuck with these paperweights til we can upgrade in September...I can't afford to do much else. I hate these phones. Verizon is not very impressive as a company and I am not going to continue to be a customer after this. AT&T IPhone may just be where I turn...or actually my hubby has a Trac Fone and it works perfectly ALL the time! It cost barely anything for it all! Sound quality is much better too. Verizon had to know this particular phone was junk practically from the beginning, and with all the complaints given on it, they had to know oon after release. My dtrs piece of junk is only good for texting at this point, and barely even that. We both have to pull battery out, put battery in, just to keep them going for a few hours a day. I'm paying like $180/month for 2 paperweights. With no solution til September. And I have taken them into the stores where the employees only solutions were always just to do resets or move it from Global to CDMA or whatever...which works once in awhile but we shouldn't have to be playing games just to be able to use a phone FOR PHONE CALLS! I've been with Verizon for over a decade. But they've gotten too big and they do not care about their customers.

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                    i'm on my 4th D2G in the past 6 weeks, same exact problems...Verizon policy is to only swap out with the exact same phone.  One tech said to see if a friend had a 3g phone they don't use from a recent upgrade...REALLY???!!!!  My contract date expires in 3 weeks and i am now seriously considering other providers....what's apparent is this model phone is defective and there is no help from Verizon

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                      This may sound weird, but will resolve the "cannot hear" for a week at best. Per Verizon - "clear the browser cache" on the phone and reboot. This resolved my issue  for a week, then it started again. Cleared the cache again, and the problem went away for about 10 days.

                      Power the phone off after the cache clearing if you have already lost your sound.

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