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        SOS here Droid X2 and mobile HotSpot is worthless.  It works for 6-7 min then loses 3G and no more internet.  WiFi, USB tether doesn't matter.  Reset phone, got new? phone - still doesn't matter - guess I should have gotten an iPhone afterall

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          I have a droid x with the 3G hotspot and I also lose the connection.  Same as the other frustrated customes! Has verizon actually looked into this and come up with a solution?

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            I have a Droid X2 and a Droid Pro both with the latest updates.  I have tested the hotspot feature with 3 laptops and an iPad2 and also have the same problems.  The connection works fine for maybe 5 minutes and then web pages start to freeze and I start being unable to view any websites.  It starts working in a few minutes but still intermittant.  I checked the phone and the 3G icon at the top disappeared and then it comes back and it says that the 3G connection was lost.  Tried various troubleshooting such as changing the Wi-Fi channel or changing from an WPA2 to open system or changing the range of IP addresses that the hone assigns, etc.  The problem continues.

            Seems like there is a software or hardware design problem.

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              I am having the same issue on a Samsung Droid Charge with latest updates.  It connects and then within a few minutes, the 3g drops out (phone is capable of 4g, but it is not available in my area). I've tried all of the mentioned troubleshooting steps except replacing the phone, as from what I have read, it does not seem to be an issue with a faulty device... model yes, specific device, not. It seems like it has gotten significantly worse in the past few weeks, especially on weekends and evenings (i.e. when the network is busiest), which would make one wonder if there is some kind of QoS going on that gives Mobile Hotspot bottom priority. Funny thing is, I was previously using a Verizon MiFi, which connected flawlessly, every time, and stayed connected for days without issue, which verifies that my location is fine. When the contract on the MiFi ran out, I cancelled it, thinking I would be saving myself money by switching to Mobile Hotspot on my phone. That was a big mistake as this service, which in theory should be just like the MiFi service, is worthless and nothing but frustration.

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                Another +1 here.


                When I have some time I'll go through the steps listed here and see how they compare with my experience.


                For what it's worth: I have had a little more success tethering over bluetooth (I'm using a MacBook Air, with Lion), it does suffer from the same problem, but 'seems' to be a little more stable.

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                  Have an HTC incredible 2, using a MacBook Pro/Lion. Have had similar problems with 3G hotspot "cycling" on and off. What has made it much better: Phone settings / Wireless & networks / 3G Mobile Hotspot settings / menu key on phone face to access Advanced / Wi-Fi channel. Then, I changed the Wi-Fi channel from "Auto" to a number. It may take you to try out several different channels to find one that works well, but it does work.

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                    I have exactly the same behavior on an LG Revolution, and I've done all the same troubleshooting, calling, complaining, etc..  Verizon has said that it's my location (not enough 3G coverage -- not even 4G -- 3G) in my area.


                    I really do think that there should be a mass action by customers to complain about this.  The service simply DOES NOT work as advertised, and in my opinion, Verizon should be held to account.


                    Paying 50 bucks a month for a service that essentially does not work (there's no way I could get all 6GB of my plan in a single month -- NO WAY, even if I had the hotspot on constantly).  That's how bad it is. 


                    Verizon -- when are you going to deal with this?

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                      I believe the 3G hotspot reliability problems are known issues (at least by other users).  I have seen a number of other posts where people complained about the same issues.  I'm not sure how aware Verizon is though.  I have hit this problem many times when using my hot spot in a 3G area.  I don't believe these problems exist in a 4G network.  Here are the 4 triggers that I am aware of that cause the hotspot connection to drop:


                      1) Trying to upload a large file, such as a photo (well not a huge one really).  Files under 1 MG seem fine.  When I try to upload something in the range of 3 MB, my connection drops every time.

                      2) Trying to download too much data at one time.  This may vary depending on how busy the network is, but it's difficult to quantify.  It happened to me when I was trying to demo a project over the web using GoToMeeting (quite embarrassing).

                      3) Receiving an incoming call.

                      4) Making an outgoing call.


                      I don't know if this most recent phone update (Android - a couple days ago) addressed any of these issues/bugs, but I'm not holding my breath.

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                        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                        Ksgetting, thank you for sharing your findings with your Droid X2. I'll be happy to assist with your service issues. Do you notice the phone losing 3G only when in a specific location? Does the phone still show connected to 3G when this happens and can you access internet on the browser?  For your scenarios, are you uploading files to a specific website when this happens? Also, for 3G devices, voice and data can not be used simultaneously, so making or receiving a call when using the Mobile hotspot will temporary disable data on the device.

                        Thank you and I look forward to your response.

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                          I personally have only tested/experienced 3G from Stone Lake, WI.  But it the same problems have happened on separate occasions and the WIFI drops always occur when I attempt on of the 4 triggers listed earlier.  I'm not there now, but will be the next several weekends.


                          No, the phone does not show 3G when wifi is dropped.  I wait a 30-60 seconds for the 3G symbol to return.  Then the connection works again.  Or sometimes I toggle off/on the hotspot to get it working again.  But I think the connection generally recovers on it's own.  The same problems occur when I tether instead.


                          No the browser does not work when this happens.


                          For my scenario, when I upload, I'm usually trying to copy a jar file (3.5 MB in size) from my C drive to a network drive.  I normally have VPN active in order to connect to the network drive.  I use windows explorer and drag and drop.  Not sure if that is using FTP.  I also have tried Remote Desktop and attempted to copy from my C drive to a local drive.  The same issue occurs.  I usually am copying to 1 of 3 windows servers.


                          I figured that was a limitation of 3G.  The 1st 2 (upload, download) are the biggest issues for me. 

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