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        Experiencing the same issue in Pittsburgh with my Rezound. I spent over 45 minutes on the phone with a tech rep last night. They opened a case for me and made it "critical" (whatever that means). Still have not heard back from Verizon as of today. I am able to get a 3G connection (albeit a VERY slow connection per Speed Test), but cannot get a 4G connection unless I toggle airplane mode on and off. When I do that I get a 4G connection for only about a minute and then the phone drops down to 3G and stays there.

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          Was thinking it was just me 'til now!  Got a LG 4G USB stick a couple weeks ago and had no problems with 4G until it suddenly stopped working last night! (12/6)  Couldn't connect to 3G at the time either.  Now, at least I'm getting a somewhat decent 3G connection but I am PAYING for 4G!  Verizon better get this worked out soon and should at LEAST communicate something to their customers!  Everyone who is having an issue should post in this forum to show Verizon how big of an issue this is....  I use my 4G USB stick for work, I NEED to be connected to do my job!


          By the way I'm in Brooklyn, NY

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            I am in Atlanta and am having the same issue - restarts and swapping to/from airplane mode makes the 4g service come back for about 1 min and then drop.  It is not isolated to the Northeast.

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              What verizon seems to be missing is that we would be satisfied, for the moment, with a basic explination of what's going on. In addition a public statement would allow us to tell customers and others "Remember the Verizon data outage? Yea.. that's why I didn't reply to you."


              Things break, we get it, tell us what the issue is (generally) and then tell us what the ETA is- then post the RCA online for us to read.

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                I'm in Louisiana and since day one with 4G I have been dealing with constant restarts while either typing or talking (attributed it to an interface I'd downloaded, though now I see I'm not the only one) and data connection going in and out, flipping to airplane mode and out only to have 4g for about 60 seconds before it goes right back out without even stepping down to 3G.


                On rare occasion I am able to utilize my browser uninterrupted for 15-20 minutes but the vast majority of the time I'm stuck waiting for the data connection to come back and often just give up on it.


                I've done everything imaginable with my phone to correct the problem and the handful of times I've called customer service, I've been left on hold until I eventually give in and hang up.


                After nearly 6 years with Verizon I have tried to be patient and give them a chance to correct the problem but at this point, I'm ready to cancel my contract and move on.



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                  If you notice in other topics also there is usually someone from the company responding about the issue - and yet here, all these replies and views already and... nothing.  This is a big issue - also really makes you appreciate 4G once you get stuck with 3G again for a day huh?

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                    Same issues with my droid charge. Glad I'm not the only one but this problem is really showing how useless Verizon's customer services is. I've used t-mobile, at&t, and sprint before finally switching to verizon. And although verizon may have fast networks, all my past providers have much better customer service. This is really disappointing, as I'm still paying for 4g service.
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                      Out in 53219, Milwaukee, WI. Went out about an hour ago for me. Gave me a useless error about 4G not being authorized, customer support said that's what error can occur when there is an outage. I'm using a Motorola Droid Razr.

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                        Out in Toledo Ohio.


                        Went out about an hour ago on my droid charge.


                        No 3G or 4 G data network at all.

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                          Out here in Livonia, MI too. Same error message. Customer service said no credit for individual outage, but perhaps they will issue a credit to all once the outage is repaired.

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