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    4G Service - Still Out Across the Nation?


      A quick Google search shows tons and tons of angry customers without 4G service that just aren't getting answers.  I had to spend 45 minutes on the phone last night, first with a tech rep who thought I should just turn it on and off and remove the LTE sim card, before sending me to someone who knew what he was doing, that essentially did nothing but make me do the same thing, and then tell me he was alerting the "Network Team" -


      Still nothing back, still no 4G service, but the worst part?  Not a word from Verizon.  No official announcements, not even on their own discussion forum?  I get if they don't want to look bad for potential new customers but come on, you have how many thousands of people without service now and NO update?  Going on 15+ hours since this started?  That's ridiculous.

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