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         I have the same thing with my thunderbolt too in zeeland mi

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          Hi, I made a Forum account just to reply to this. Im having the same problem here for the pas two days. I had a Droid before the Boinic and never had a problem out of service. I got the Bionic and its been about a month since I got it. Two days ago I been losing my 3G. Ive rebooted etc and it dont work :/. Im upset now cause I thought this was best on market(besides Razr).


          I also have mine rooted stock android cause no great Roms I like. So its not like I can hand them back the phone and demand a new one. Im in Talladega Alabama

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            Well, the latest update was just pushed to my phone.  I reset to factory after install, and am crossing my fingers that my data woes are gone.

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              New update does NOT fix the issue.  My ride to work this morning:


              1.  Leave house, phone should swap from WiFi to 3g.  Once out of WiFi range, no data.

              2.  20 minutes later, phone suddenly has 3g

              3.  10 minutes after that, phone seamlessly switches from 3g to 4g.

              4.  15 minutes after that, phone loses data completely, and never reconnects until I get to my office WiFi 20 minutes later.



              I've absolutely had it with this phone.

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                I am also having the same issues in Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe New Mexico.  The problem started when 4G was launched in the area.  I am having the issue on both by Bionic and my Samsung MiFi card.  I had both of these devices before the 4G launch and did not have any issues with them at that time.  I have called Verizon many times and have had trouble tickets open on ly to hear nothing back from Verizon.  My last call was last night and I was basically told they know about the issue and I am to just turn my phone off then back on (which does work, but not for very long as I do this 100x's a day).  I was told that is only Motorola devices which I do not believe as I am having the issue on my SAMSUNG MiFi.  They told me that I could either switch to a non-smart phone or to a non-Motorola smart phone.  I asked them if they were going to give me a non-Motorola device and they said no.  They also told me that I could limit my phone to only access CDMA netowrk which proves they know they have a problem with 4G network.  I bought the Bionic because of all the hype that Verizon put into it before it came out and for the speed that they promised the device would have.  ALL I WANT IS FOR MY PHONE AND MY AIR CARD TO WORK!  I am paying over $200 dollars a month for my service that I am NOT GETTING. I have never had any other issues with Verizon before the 4G launch.

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                  I have documented my problems to Verizon since I got my Thunderbolt, here is a synopsis:

                  First month, disconnecting for no reason, 4G icon on phones goes out, but I have full bars.  Then it mysteriously comes back on, works for a few minutes, then is out again.  I go to Verizon store, Hard reset of phone.  Issues stop for about a month.

                  Third month, problems again.  I call in, go to store, their advice, replace the handset.  THEY ARE STILL NOT ADMITTING TO A PROBLEM, but they replace my SIM card. They say that is has not been an issue.  My favorite line from the phone techs is; "I have a T-bolt, and that doesn't happen to me." So I guess because it is not their problem, they do not care. After more problems, I finally, I get sent a New TBOLT.  Works fine for two months.

                   Month 6: Problems connecting again.  This time I also have a MiFi, and that is not disconnecting at all.  I get lied to by two representatives, saying they will put a line trace on my phone.  After all of this and arguing for three hours on the phone (on two different occasions) they want to send me ANOTHER TBOLT! None of the things the techs have done have solved anything.  No update solved the problem wither.  I explain "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!" I refuse the third.  I make such a fuss that I am refunded ALL of my data fees since I started with the TBOLT (about $180).  I get the new Rezound, guess what- STILL HAVING PROBLEMS.  I have (sadly) learned to live with it, but every time it happens, I call them and get my data refunded for the day.  Maybe when they start realizing it is costing them money, they will fix it.  



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                    I have the Bionic...


                    Received the update with the "fix" for connectivitiy issues and my phone was off service more yesterday than before the update! What is the deal here? Is it the phone, the network, the chip? I'm about ready to switch devices but if it's an issues outside the phone itself I'll just be wasting my time (and money). Is Verizon allowing phone swaps for something else because of this issue?



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                      I updated my Bionic today. I didn't have connectivity for the first 45 minutes after the resart. I have spoken with Verizon Reps since I got the phone. I have been having the same issues since day 1. Unfortunately, they will not replace the phone with something else. Up until a couple weeks ago, I was told this was not a wide spread issue. Complete lie, I even told her she was a liar. Verizon is just dumping us. They really do not care about the customer, just getting your money. You should know that.

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                        I was one with data loss all the time, BSOD, and rebooting.. have had the update for 36 hours now with no issues .. Kepping my fingers crossed.

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                          I can't even get access to the update. It tells me that access to updates is unavailable at this time ans ti try again later. I just got 4g in my area not too long ago, and was experiencing the complete loss if data connectivity way before the release of 4g. A friend of mine is a Verizon rep and told me to switch it to strictly cdma mode, and up until four days ago, that's what it was on, and i was still doing at least four battery and sim card pulls a day. Since 4g, its been more like four pulls an hour. I have had three other droids, and have never had this issue. Come the morning, ill be on the phone with Verizon, and they will be giving me a new phone, or ill be filing a formal complaint against them.