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    My (Bionic/Charge/Thunderbolt) keeps losing data signal


      Am I the only person that is completely fed up with this?


      I've had the Bionic since the day it came out, and I've yet to have a reliable non-WiFi data connection.  I live in an area with 3g, and work in an area with 4g...so my phone switches back and forth often.


      However, like many of you, I lose my cellular data connection several times a day.  This is very, very inconvienient for someone who commutes an hour each way from work (and uses Google Maps or Waze to get traffic updates, listens to music via bluetooth) and who uses their Google Voice number for all phone calls/SMS messages.  Not to mention all of the other unusable apps when there is no data connection.


      The only thing that works (and is by no means permanant) is restarting the device.


      My boss has the Charge and has the same issue, and a good friend of mine has the Thunderbolt...same issue.


      I have called Verizon a few times Early on I was told they were aware and it was to be fixed in a software release; it was not.  Next I was told to try a few things suggested by Motorola (clearing out cache and cookies in browser, swapping sim card), no fix.  After swapping the sim card, I called again out of frustration, and they offered to send me a refurbished Bionic to replace mine.  When I expressed my displeasure at that arrangement, they offered tp patch me through to Motorola...which ended up being some far away customer service department that offered the option of sending my phone in for diagnostics.  Yeah; I want to be without a phone for a few days...that's a great idea.


      Am I alone in thinking this is less a manufacturer issue, and more a Verizon issue?  Why am I paying for a monthly data plan that is less than reliable?  Is this what AT&T customers are used to feeling like?


      This is my 4th Android phone (Droid, Droid Incredible, Droid X) and the only one I have had a major problem with.  I'm beyond frustrated, and not sure what I should do at this point.

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          There seems to be several threads in here dealing with this same issue.  Perhaps we should consolidate so we are better heard?  Whether it be this thread or another, this needs to be kept in the forefront until it is fixed.

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            Verizon takes forever to roll out any kind of major update. The only way to truly fix it is to google about your phone and find it on XDA Developers, root it and install a custom rom (software update) that someone else has made. Most of the time they run more smoothly, faster, better battery life, and it fixes many issues with the phone. 

            Rooting will void the warrantee, that is the only downside, I have some good friends that have done this and it's solved all their problems with their phone. 

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              I have

              {edit for TOS violation}

              and installed the latest update (kept it stock and rooted) and I still have the problem.  I don't want to put a custom ROM on because I'll be passing  this phone on to my wife soon.


              I unrooted and went back to stock; still have the same issues.

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                When you rooted did you install a newer version of the radio for the phone? There are always new version rolling out that you can choose from. That was an issue with the Thunderbolts initially, then the new version of the radio came along and data issues were solved for the most part. 

                If you don't want to go as far as flashing a new version of the radio and or putting a custom ROM on it and just wait for the VZW update this work around should work to keep you from having to restart the phone to get the data connection back.


                Menu, settings, Wireless & Networks, then make sure Mobile Network or Mobile Internet (Which ever one your phone has) is checked and turned on.


                This is what is most likely causing  your phone to drop the data connection and never connect again until a reboot. 

                Its an issue with the battery saving part of the software, its designed to shut off the data connection when lost and stay off for a certain amount of time before it try's to connect again to keep the battery from being drained. 

                This happens a lot with my Thunderbolt, and it is annoying, but until we get a major update (Hopefully Ice Cream Sandwich) this work around is better than rebooting each time .

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                  I'm curious as to what my TOS violation was.


                  Anyway, I was fed up enough yesterday when I lost data signal and happened to be right near a VZW store.  I went in, they looked at a couple of things, and they are sending me another one that I'm supposed to get tomorrow.


                  If my 'new' Bionic does the same thing, I will certainly be talking to someone about why I've been paying for data for the past couple of months when it doesn't actually work.

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                    Well, I learned one thing yesterday...it isn't the phone.


                    My 'new' Bionic did the same thing 3 times since I got it yesterday...lost data completely.

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                      I  can't comment on the phone and you shouldn't be seeing problem with 3G but the problem you describe is typical for verizon 4G network.  It can't hold a reliable connection, they know about it and they aren't fixing it for now, period.


                      On a side note I don't know if aboslutely everyone is having the problem as some seem to be fine.  That is what confuses me and also is probably hindering more pressure being put on verizon to fix it.  In the store they swear it doesn't happen (however I did notice the demo ipads were connected to a wireless router and not to the mifis......(nice verizon)


                      I understand your frustration as basically we are completely helpless, as you either pay the $175 and go elsewhere or you grin and bear it.  On the flip side ATT 3G is pretty fast (about twice what verizon 3g is) and doesn't seem to suffer any of this.



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                        I have a Thunderbolt, been losing data ever since the 4GLTE rollout. Goes from 4G to 3G to 1X to no G several times a day.


                        I'm sure more customers are having issues with this, they just don't know about this forum or file complaints directly with Verizon via calls/visiting a local store.


                        I have a hard time believing that Verizon doesn't know the magnitude of this situation, just no quick solutions.


                        BTW, I'm from Lincoln, NE so this is not an isolated issue. 

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                          I spent my whole ride home the other day on the phone with VZW, and they absolutely acknowledge this is an issue on the phone.  The best answer she could give me is that it is supposed to be addressed in a software update due in mid/late November, but she acknowledged that since it was November 30th, that probably wasn't going to happen.


                          She also sympathized with me because she has a Charge and has the exact same problem (as does my boss, who also has a Charge).


                          The only thing I can do is wait; they said I could switch to another phone (except the RAZR), but I bought a ton of accessories for the Bionic; I want the **bleep** thing to work right.  Is that too much to expect for a device I paid $300 for??

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