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        Hi SRINGA..

         just got of the phone with Verizon and they did confirm that my SIM was successfully unlocked.  I was told that when I put in a new card from the UK, my phone would be bricked and would need to be re-activated through iTunes and I would loose all my music etc. on my phone and I would need to re-sync.  Is that what happened when you inserted your new international card?

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          I asked you to help me
           Please please please help me
           I bought a iphone 4S from a person in America
           The mobile phone turns out to be locked on the verizon
           I am from Qatar
           Has never benefited from the iPhone
           Please help me and unlock my iPhone so I can use
           Local SIM card in my country, Qatar
           I mean to make the iPhone accepts any sim in the world
          Please help me I paid
           The amount is too high
           The purchase of this iPhone locked
           Estimated at about U.S. $ 1008
           This information on the mobile iPhone:
          iphone 4S  black  32GB
          Model A1387
          Part No : MD278LL/A


          {edited for privacy}

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            antelope5 wrote:



            I have two iphone 4s' - on different Verizon accounts. Iphone 1 - I called to have it sim unlocked. Then I inserted a foreign sim, activated it using Itunes and it showed ATT as the carrier.

            When I repeated the process with the second iphone the activation failed saying it was not a valid sim. I called Verizon again and they said it was SIM unlocked. But Verizon says that the activation part has to be done in the home country where the foreign SIM comes from. In their mind the phone is behaving as it should.


            I find it strange that the two phones should behave differently and this makes me wonder if the second phone is really sim


            Has anybody had this problem? Any workarounds?


            I had the exact same experience.  I have a sim card from truphone and am planning to travel to the UK in December.  I called global support and when I finally got a person that knew what a SIM unlock was, the rep told me that she needed to do something on her end.  When she was done, she confirmed the phone was unlocked, and asked me to put in my international sim.  I did so, and got the activation required on the phone.  It says invalid sim.  The representative told me I need to try again when I'm outside of the country.


            However, the SIM works in a different unlocked handset so this tells me the iphone is still locked.  And judging by this article, I believe that to be the case: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/cell-phones/international-travelers-here-is-how-to-sim-unlock-your-verizon-apple-iphone-4s/6712


            I'm going to keep calling the global support team and see if someone will finally help me.  I think they're doing it wrong.

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              I headed overseas before I was able to unlock my iPhone 4S.  Will I be able to complete the SIM Unlock from overseas or will I have to wait until I return home?  I have my MacBook Pro so I will be able to connect to iTunes to complete the unlock.


              Thank you in advance for your assistance. 


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                So I'm now in Italy. Last week I spoke to Verizon Global in the States and they told me they unlocked my iPhone 4S. I couldnt test it until I got to Italy. When I put a new Italian micro SIM in today it said Activation Required. What do I do now ?
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                  To clarify-- the Italian SIM I tried is my old one that I have used successfully in my unlocked 3GS for over a year. It is only new to my iPhone 4S--- cut down now to micro size.
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                    Did you ever get the Telestial Passport SIM working with your unlocked Verizon iPhone 4S? I was thinking of doing the same thing, but didn't want to bother if it won't work... Thanks.

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                      a friend give me an used no contract verizon 4s due to she switched carrier to at&t. I planning to upgrade my handset next week but have some concerns if someone can kindly help:

                      I'll go to China soon to stay 3 month for bussiness, I'd like to ask verizon to unlock my 4s then i can use local gsm sim card during my trip, but this verizon number I want to leave for my parents here on my orginal 3gs phone. How should I do?

                      Best wishes!

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                        Does anyone know if I'll have problems if I cancel my Verizon service after unlocking? I meet all the requirements for unlocking my phone (customer for 60 days, in good standing, etc.). However in a few weeks I'm planning on moving to Colombia for at least 10 months. If I unlock my phone through Verizon and then cancel my service a few days later, will this negatively affect the unlock?

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                          I recently purchased a TRU micro SIM. I have confirmed that it is activated. A Verizon phone rep has also stated that my iPhone 4s has been successfully SIM unlocked. When I placed the TRU SIM in my iPhone - nothing happened. Zilch - nothing - nada. For a brief second to said "roaming" and then showed I was back on the Verizon network. Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? Shouldn't I see the SIM activating - or using another network?


                          We are traveling to the UK in a month or so - I really want to get this issue resolved before we leave the states.


                          Thank you for any help you can offer!

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