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    My Razr has "loss of data connection" problem -- really disappointed


      I have data connection problem.
      I got razr yesterday. Surely I could see it has better reception than DX or Bionic in my home. But, Today (11/11), I can't even count how many times "loss of data connection" happened. It seems to me that this is nothing to do with signal reception strength. Even in 4 or 5 signal bar (4g LTE), suddenly data connection was lost. (indoor, outdoor same)
      Of course within a minute, data connection was restored.
      More details are like this; 1) Market search or internet surfing is suddenly not working --> 2) "loss of data connection" pop up --> 3) all signal bars disappear --> 4) after seconds, white signal bars (full strength) appear --> 5) blue 3g signal bars --> 6) blue 4g LTE signal --> 7) internet is working again.

      It is really annoying. I am not sure it is only my Razr problem or it would become common problem. I am going to replace it with another Razr or with coming Rezound or Galaxy Nexus.

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